Events for November 28, 2021 - November 28, 2021

Winter House Decoration Contest

This event runs through January. To obtain a decorated house you can double-click a free tile in Town Center and it will link you to the house. You will not be charged for yard wand…

Valentine’s Seasonal Events

This year's Valentine's events will consist of a World Boss, a Champion Spawn, and a Quest. They will run the entire month of February. New additions also have been added to the reward pools and…

Spring Event

Spring events are active all through the month of may!. There is a champion spawn and a peerless boss.  You can find information about these two events here

Spring Decoration Contest

There will be a spring decoration contest in the month of June. More information will follow on the wiki page here.

Spring Hunting Event

There will be a spring Hunting event the entire month of June. More information on the wiki here.

Harry Potter Week

7 days of various Harry Potter themed and inspired events.

Oyster Fishing Event

Week-long oyster fishing event! Lots of new rewards you can buy! See you there!

Grand Auction

Grand Auction will take place in the Auction House south of TC Right after the restart on August 29th. 5 PM Server Time.

The Haunted Mansion

Halloween Monster killing with Themed bosses in rooms.