Staff Services



100,000 tokens, for every house placed. A Staff member can assist you in placing a house if you are unable to, using the following rules. There can be nothing visible sticking through the foundation of the house, except if the house is to be sunk, and the item(s) integrated into the overall design.

This is at the placing staff member’s discretion and can be over-ruled by a higher ranking staff member, or Owner at any time, for any reason.


250,000 tokens for small distances (1 screen or less) – 500,000 tokens for larger distances

In most cases, it is easier for a staff member to move your entire house for you. Yard wand items do not move with the house, so please clean these up prior to requesting this service.


50 ED per house joined

We can join multiple houses for you so that it appears to be a single large house. This does not make it a single house, and it will still take up the normal housing slots.

We will only merge custom houses to custom houses, as merging old-style houses doesn’t flow as well aesthetically. House Placement Rules: (Please note, staff placed housing rules may differ from player placed housing rules. This is intentional)

Size Inquiry

150,000 Gold

If you need a staff member to check an area for a specific size it is a 150,000 gold per size per check per house. Moving the same house to a different location to check is also a new house fee.

Housing Placement Rules

  •  No object can stick out from the foundation of the house, except where the house will be sunk, and the item integrated into the overall design in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • If a staff member finds this to be an eye-sore, or otherwise distracting, you may be forced to move your house.
  •  Objects may border your house as long as they don’t stick through into your house. (Such as tree leaves).
  • There must be at least 1 tile walkable around your entire house, or joined houses. Do not block off people’s access to resources such as mountains, or water.The house must be placed in a normal location. While we offer special houses in otherwise unbuildable areas, you cannot have a house surrounded by water in normal circumstances.
  • There must be a minimum of 3 tiles between houses east to west, and 6 north to south between other houses. This allows for yard wand, as well as walkable space.
  • Houses can’t be placed over a hill in such a way that part of their foundation is above or underground.

If an Owner, or higher ranking staff person than the person who placed your house deems your house to be illegally placed, you may be forced to move it.

Name Change

It is possible to change your name. The fee is based on an escalating schedule. 1,000,000 tokens for the first change, then an additional 1,000,000 tokens each additional change.

Personal Message on Town Crier

(Once town criers are fixed/implemented correctly)

  • 100,000 tokens per line, per day. Max 2 lines, 72 hours.
  • These should not include non-game related things.

Skill Decrease

50,000 tokens

A staff member will decrease any skill you would like to any level you would like (lower than current).


Item name change – 150ED (this will not work on helping be able to get an item from a seasonal event simply by changing the name)

Level Weapon Reset – 300ED (this only works if an item is allowed to be reset by recreating the weapon initially, this means it would need to be an artifact with predetermined stats like a Blaze of Death, or a Titans Hammer. (THIS DOES NOT WORK ON RELAYERS)

Remove Merge – 150 ED. This will remove a merge on a Legendary Bracelet of Binding or a Karate belt and recover the merged item (a bracelet or belt slot item will be replaced and all stats from the bracelet or belt  will be put on the item).

Guild Name or Abbreviation Change

Guild Name Change – 1 million gold first change. 3 million gold every change after.

Guild Abbreviation Change – 500k gold first change. 1 million gold every change after.


Some items in-game can be recovered. Fees would be 100 ED for every item up to 10 items. The rest would be free after (1000 ED total). *note* due to some lengths to recreating lost items, this feature could change in pricing or the amount of time needed to recreate. This feature does not guarantee you will get any items back either..