Getting Started


To get started you will need our client:

Latest patch date: October 03, 2020

Our client occasionally needs patching. If you were sent here from in-game you can download the updated client above.

Once you have downloaded the client you can use Razor Enhanced, Razor, EasyUO or UOSteam to connect. Our server’s address is and the port is 2593.

Supported client applications:

Setting up Razor Enhanced:

When setting up Razor Enhanced, you will want the screen to look like the example below.

Razor Enhanced Setup

Setting up UO Steam:

When setting up UO Steam if you have multiple clients you must make sure both directories are set (example below). Remove Encryption must be check marked, and Encryption Required must not have a checkmark.  NOTE: If you leave either setting on UO Steam to say “auto-detect” this may result in a black screen for our starting area. You need to make sure you set the directory and the client paths to the UO Eventine Client.


We have a Discord channel set up if you would like to join. We do ask that everyone on discord try to get along and ignore anyone you might not get along with. Thank you.
To get into our discord channel either click below or there is a green stone inside the new player area.

(A staff member will give you player status so you can talk upon entry)

Discord Logo