Server Rules

Hello and welcome to UO Eventine. Please understand that by logging in, you are agreeing to abide by the rules set forth by the staff, and listed here for your convenience.

  • Every person that plays, can have their own account.
  • You may not make a second account for yourself.
  • Logging into someone else’s account, is a bannable offense.
  • Please always respect and abide by what a staff member tells you. If you feel a staff member is out of line, or treating you unfairly, please email the admin at
  • If you cannot resolve an issue with one staff member, you may ask to speak to one of a higher rank. You may even appeal a decision by an owner, by asking the other two owners to vote on the matter.
  • Please keep world chat drama free. If you have an issue with another player, take it to PMs, or send a help request for staff assistance.
  • We do not tolerate racial/religious/national/ethnic slurs, or talk about drug use/abuse.
  • Nobody likes spam. Use common sense, and don’t flood the channels with the same or similar messages over and over.
  • You must take turns at spawns, if there is more than 1 person present, and another wants to join in. NOTE: This does not mean champion spawns. Noone needs to ask permission at champion spawns as those are group spawns.
  • If you are in a situation with another player, please send a help request before you go and make things worse for yourself. Let us handle it.
  • These rules can change at any time, with or without notice. Although it is your duty to keep up with any rules changes, we will do our best to keep you informed of any major changes.
  • All items, objects, and entities are property of UO Eventine.
  • We do not take responsibility for  losing data, or server offline time. We will do our best to keep the shard up 24/7, but things happen, and sometimes that is not possible.
  • We do not replace lost objects/items in game. Please bless/insure your items.
  • Buying and selling of in-game goods for real life currency is frowned upon. Buyer Beware. You will not be reimbursed should you choose to partake in this activity, and get taken advantage of.

Note: While donating helps the server get updated frequently and regularly. It does not entitle you to anything in-game. We do often give gifts for donations but that does not entitle a player to break the rules, or cheat in any form.

While we do allow macros, we do not allow AFKing to gain resources, or wealth.


Exclusive Customs

Take a look at the exclusive customs available on UO Eventine and click below to see more screenshots from the game.