Past Events

Spring Events

This Spring we have the Gaia Peerless Boss and the Spring Champion Spawn.

Spring Hunting Event

During the month of June, there is a hunting competition on UO Eventine. You will want to hunt around dungeon entrances in Trammel and Felucca for Mutated Pollen.

Spring Deco Contest

This event runs through June.

Harry Potter Event

8 Day Long event surrounding the Harry Potter books. Every day is a different setting/book storyline. Click here for more information.

Priday Day Event

Pride Day is a one-day event to celebrate the love and joys of all humans. This day will consist of a super champion spawn every 2 hours throughout the entire day. Check the wiki here…

Summer Quest Events

The Summer Quests will begin on  July 1st and end on the end of July 16th server time.   There are 3 random quests you can obtain. More info can be found on the wiki.

Summer Shark Fishing Contest

During the month of July, there is a shark fishing competition on UO Eventine. You will want to fish in deep waters with at least 100 fishing skill to fish up a shark. More information…

Summer Champion Spawn

The Summer Champion Spawn runs from July 16th through the end of July 31st. More information can be found on the wiki.

Grand Auction

There will be a Grand Auction held on August 7th, 2022 shortly after the Server Restart (12:00 PM CST USA).

Oyster Fishing Event

The Oyster Fishing Event will take place this year Starting on the 21st of August and be active until the start of the day of August 28th.  You can find more information on this event…