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Resources are materials used in several crafting skills. Some may be used for cooking or the creation of clothing, weapons, and armor, or even housing addons.

Each resource has a different method of gathering them, for instance, leather and scales can be skinned off several types of creatures you kill (dragons, cows). Wood can be obtained by chopping at trees. Metal and gems can be obtained by using a pick/shovel at mountain areas. Cloth gained by working the sheared wool from sheep or the picked cotton from fields.

Leather Scales
Feathers Raw Meat
Logs / Boards Gems
Bark Fragment Luminescent Fungi
Switch Parasitic Plant
Ingots / Ore Gems
Sand High Quality Granite
Niter Machine Coal
Soil Sample
Peerless Reagents Rope
Animal Pheromone Perfect Bananas
Myrmidex Eggsacs
Magical Ingredients Imbuing ingredients
Wool / Cotton Reagents
Unabridged Atlas of Eodon