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We use a Pick the difference AFK check system to do A.F.K. checks. You can be A.F.K. checked for Fighting, Resource Gathering, and Crafting. Each has its own Tier System.

The Tier system is based on an A.F.K. tier level. The more you fail checks, the higher your tier goes. Once you hit level 5 of a specified tier, you can no longer use that setting until your tier drops below 5.

Upon being checked you will receive an A.F.K. Check Gump:

AFK Check Gump

To answer select the right box for the item that is different than the rest and click submit the answer.

You will have 5 minutes to answer this check. If you fail to answer the check properly within 5 minutes, or guess the answer wrong, or log out and remove the gump you will raise a tier.

The tier will take 3 days to lower so be alert.

NOTE: these guidelines are subject to change and probably will.