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The Christmas event area can be found in Tokuno, North of the Fan Dancers Entrance through the mountain cave in the snowy area there is a building you can enter.


Cindy Lou Who is the quest giver. She can randomly give you a quest, or a mini objective to do. The objectives will result in obtaining North Pole Dollars to spend on Buddy the Elf for items. If you get the quest you will obtain a quest reward token. There is 3 objectives and 1 quest in the setting.

All quests will give you a list in your backpack with the objectives. To add items to the list single click the list and select Add.

Stop the Grinch Quest

Cindy-Lou Who
Cindy-Lou Who

It's terrible! The Grinch came while Santa was napping and he broke his sleigh into bits! He chased all the reindeer away and made off with Santa's Bag of presents! We need your help in fixing this! Please! Think of the children!!


Santas Sleigh: Find Betty Lou Who, the Carpenter. She can be found at the Suteki Na Craftworks in Zento. She will give you an axe you will need to chop 5 magical logs from the Christmas Magic Trees just outside of the quest start building in the field to the South East. You will also need to find a tub of paint for Betty Lou. You will get this from talking to Martha May Whovier, the Painter who is in the Sasara Magical Supplies And Remedies building also in Zento. Before returning to Betty Lou Who you will also need to gather some fluffy cotton which you can find by double-clicking Magical Cotton Plants just northwest of the Homare-Jima gate. Bring all of that to Betty Lou and she will craft you a new sleigh for me!

8 Reindeer: Tame 8 Reindeer for me. They can be located in t2a of Felucca just outside of the Ice Dungeon Exit in the snow.

Bag of Presents: You will need to find the Grinch who can be found in felucca in the snow cave on the north side of dagger island, kill him and grab my bag of presents off of his corpse.

Return to me after you have completed these tasks and I shall reward you!

Betty-Lou Who
Betty-Lou Who

From Betty Lou Who you will receive Santa's Hatchet Santa's Hatchet. You will need to cut down some Christmas Magic trees to obtain 5 Sleigh Worthy Logs. You can find these trees just outside of the quest start building in the field to the South East.

Christmas Magic Tree Sleigh Worthy Logs
Christmas Magic Tree Sleigh Worthy Logs

Next, you will need to find Martha May Whovier in Zento, and obtain from her a tub of paint tub of paint.

Martha May Whovier
Martha May Whovier

Betty-Lou also needs some Fluffy Cotton Fluffy Cotton which can be obtained by double-clicking Magical Cotton Plant Magical Cotton Plants, which can be found just north of the Homara-Jima gate near the mountain, in Tokuno.

Return to Betty-Lou Who and she will turn all those items into Santa's Sleigh Santa's Sleigh.

Tame 8 Reindeer. You can find these reindeer by going to Ice Dungeon in Felucca and exiting the dungeon through the Lost Lands exit.


Finally, you will have to Travel to dagger island in felucca to the snowy cave all the way at the North end of the island. Defeat the Grinch and take back Santa's Bag of Presents Santa's Bag of Presents from his corpse. *Note: This is the only Grinch that will give the presents. The peerless area and champion area Grinches will not give the item.*

The Grinch
The Grinch

Return to Cindy-Lou Who with all these tasks completed, toggle the quest items and receive your reward!.

Special Delivery

This quest will drop a green backpack in your pack with 5 items inside that need to be delivered.

Special Delivery Items
Special Delivery Items

You will have to hover over them to find out which npc and which town they need to be delivered to, All are in trammel.

Upon delivering a gift by dropping the item onto the npc, you will be given a receipt.

Special Delivery Items
Special Delivery Receipts

Return to Cindy Lou Who for your reward once finished.

Seasonal Cookies

In order to make the seasonal cookies, you will have to head to Town Center to the building north of the pub. Inside you will have to double click on ingredients to get items and then mix the ingredients, then roll out the mix and finally bake the cookies.

Seasonal Cookie Kitchen
Seasonal Cookie Kitchen

Upon completion return to Cindy Lou Who for your reward.

Ice Fishing

To ice fish you will have to enter a cabin and fish into the fishing hole in the ice while sitting on a stool. You will sometimes pull up a Walleye needed to complete the task.

Ice Fishing Cabin
Ice Fishing Cabin

Upon completion return to Cindy Lou Who and she will give you your reward.

Inactive Quests

Below will show quests inactive this year for history and storage purposes in case they return.

Saving Christmas Quest


Jack Frost Peerless Boss

Jack frost is a peerless boss in the Christmas Event Area. You must obtain 5 Keys in order to receive the Boss keys. You will be awarded 6 keys to bring up to 6 people into Jack Frost's area.

More information to follow on the items and boss later.

Peerless Keys

Frozen Shard Ice Snake Skin Polar Bear Claw Raw Goat Meat Elf Hat
Frozen Shard Ice Snake Skin Polar Bear Claw Raw Goat Meat Elf Hat
Monsters Frozen Saber-Toothed Tiger Glacial Snake Frost Bear Snow Goat Evil Elf

Jack Frost's Frozen Barrel You will drop those keys each onto Jack Frosts Frozen Barrel shown here to obtain 6 summoning keys (for you and 5 guests).

Jack Frost's Icicle You will receive 6 of these from turning in the needed items to Jack Frost's Frozen Barrel.

You can give 5 of these to friends you would like to bring with you to fight the boss. When ready, simply double click the item and a menu will pop up. You must be in the winter event area for this to work. You will have up to 90 minutes to kill the boss before it will eject you out. Once you kill it you will have 5 minutes to loot the boss if you choose before being ejected. The wait timer to start again is set at 5 minutes after the boss is killed due to the timing to allow for looting.

Christmas Champion Spawn

There is a Christmas champion spawn that will spawn every 2 to 4 hours. It is located in faraan at 4 random locations. These locations will be announced which location they are active at as they are spawned.

Below is a map of the random Champion Locations:

Seasonal Champion Spawn Map

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Disgruntled Elf Ice Wisp Ebenezer Scrooge Grinch
Mutated Reindeer Winter Reaper Christmas Elemental Badalisc
Champion Boss

The Abominable Snowman

The Abominable Snowman is a winter peerless that spawns every 2 to 4 hours throughout the month of December at random locations.

You can find those locations here.

Save Santa

Save Santa is an event that runs 2 times a day in Faraan just southeast of the Hedge Maze, for the entire month of december.

This is a wave event where mobs will try their hardest to get to Santa and take his health down.

Your job is to keep the monsters from reaching Santa.

This event has two endings for Success and Failure.

The Lost Giftboxes

The Lost Gift Boxes is a new system that runs through the entire month of December. On every save, random gift boxes will spawn in random locations in the buildings in the cities of Trammel. These boxes are pickable and can have some valued rewards.

Towns that spawn the boxes are as follows:

  • Britain
  • Buccaneer's Den
  • Cove
  • Delucia
  • Jhelom
  • Nu Jel'm
  • Papua
  • Serpents Hold
  • Skara Brae
  • Vesper
  • Yew

Santa's Gifts

You can talk to Santa each day for a gift. He will give you one gift a day until Christmas.

You can find him located inside the Christmas event building.

Elf on a Shelf

Throughout the days of December an Elf on a Shelf can spawn randomly in a town in Trammel. You can pick this item up and either turn it into Buddy the Elf for a prize or keep it as decoration.

Advent Calendar

There is an advent calendar you can obtain that will give you one piece of chocolate each day until giving the final piece on Christmas day. To obtain this you can talk to Zippity the Advent Calendar giver just outside of the Christmas event building.