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Whips are a new addition for the melee classes introduced on the server.

All whips have a Whirlwind attack as a secondary attack, and it is a very nice alternative for a 'champ' killer compared to the usual halberd style.

Whips have a base attack speed of 3.25 and do a base damage of 13-17.

Even though whips are thought of like a ranged weapon, they are a melee weapon.

All whips are one-handed and can be repaired by Tinkering.

It comes in three versions:

Type Skill Required Primary Ability
Spiked Fencing Armor Pierce
Bladed Swordsmanship Bleed Attack
Barbed Mace Fighting Concussion Blow

If you want to use the primary/secondary abilities in UOSteam ( //@setability 'primary' on// or //@setability 'secondary' on// ) you will have go to here. (Click the Download button in the upper right corner), and copy that file and overwrite it in your UOSteam Data Folder, which is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\UOS\Data