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Perfect Dinner Quest

This quest runs in 2021 and TBD future years.

To start this quest you will have to seek out and talk to Casanova. They can be found in the wedding area north of the Justice shrine in trammel.


North of Justice Shrine


Ah I am busy fawning over myself and I need to make the perfect dinner for my date. Can you help? If you can I need you to gather me all the things I need for my perfect dinner.


Vase of Flowers:

Talk to Serge the Florist in Lakeshire in Ilshenar and receive their Flower Cutting Shears.

Use the Clippers on Beautiful Flowers in the Flower Grove in Trammel to obtain 10 Cut flowers.

Head to Mage's Menagerie in Skara Brae in Trammel to find Johnny the Vasemaker and he will give you a vase.

Return to Serge with the cut roses and the Fancy Vase to obtain the Vase Of Flowers that I need.

Fine Chocolate:

Head to the swamp that is south of Destard and grab me a piece of Fine Chocolate off of a Chocolate Monster.

Ruby Necklace:

Find the Ruby Rich Stone at the Mining Camp in Minoc, Trammel and double click to get a Giant Red Ruby.

Talk to Robert the Jeweler who can be found at the jewelry shop in Britain, Faraan to obtain a Ruby Necklace.

Perfectly Cooked Steak:

Kill some cows or bulls until you obtain some raw prime meat off their corpse and bring it to Andrew the Cook who will make you a perfectly cooked steak for me. He can be found at the Horse's Head in Jhelom, Trammel

Bottle of Champagne:

Find James The Barkeep in The Mystical Squirts in Nujel'm in Trammel. He will give you a Bottle of Champagne.

Return to me after you have completed all these tasks for your reward!

Collecting Items

Here is where you can find these items.

Vase of Flowers

Talk to Serge The Florist Serge The Florist in Lakeshire in Ilshenar and he will give you Serge's Flower Cutting Shears Serge's Flower Cutting Shears. You will need to first head to the Flower Grove in Trammel. Here you will find some Beautiful Flowers Beautiful Flowers. Use the shears on these until you have collected 10 Fresly Cut Flower Freshly Cut Flowers.

Next, we will have to head to the Mage's Menagerie in Skara Brae in Trammel, and talk to Johnny the Vasemaker Johnny the Vasemaker. He will give you a Fancy Vase Fancy Vase.

Head back to Serge and he will give you the Vase of Flowers Vase of Flowers.

Fine Chocolate

You can find the Fine Chocolate Fine Chocolate by slaying Chocolate Monster Chocolate Monsters that spawn south of Destard in Trammel.

Ruby Necklace

Go to Minoc in Trammel to the Mining Camp just east of Minoc by the mountain. Here you will find Ruby Rich Stone Ruby Rich Stone. Double-Click the stones until you obtain a Giant Red Ruby Giant Red Ruby. Take this ruby to Robert the Jeweler Robert the Jeweler at the jeweler shop in Britain, Farran, and he will reward you with the Ruby Necklace Ruby Necklace.

Perfectly Cooked Steak

To get the perfectly cooked steak you will first have to kill cows and bulls until you get Raw Prime Meat Raw Prime Meat off one of their corpses. Take this meat to Andrew the Cook Andrew the Cook at the Horse's Head in Jhelom, Trammel, and he will cook you up a Perfectly Cooked Steak Perfectly Cooked Steak .

Bottle of Champagne

Find James the Barkeep James the Barkeep at The Mystical Squirts in NuJel'm in Trammel and he will give you a Bottle of Champagne Bottle of Champagne .


Once you have all the items needed return to serge and he will give you a Reward Bag Perfect Dinner Reward Bag which has a random Valentine quest artifact and some Cupid Bucks.

Cupid The Vendor

There is a vendor that sells items for cupid bucks next to Casanova at the quest beginning/end location. You can obtain cupid bucks from finishing the perfect dinner quest.

Cupid God of Desire
Cupid God of Desire

North of Justice Shrine


Cupid Buck
Cupid Buck

Valentine's Champion Spawn

The valentine's Champion spawn can be found near crossroads in Faraan. It spawns every 2 to 4 hours. Coords are 20° 55°S, 30° 18°W.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Demented Dove Thorny Rose Vines Valentines Elemental Chocolate Monster
Child of Cupid An Evil Unicorn A Miserable Maiden Love Bird
Champion Boss

Gello The World Boss

Gallo is a Valentine's world boss. It is located south of the bridge between Trinsic and Britain to the southwest in the heart-shaped clearing in Faraan.

This boss will spawn every 4 to 8 hours in the month of February 2021.


The Perfect Rose Contest

The Perfect Rose Contest Event is a contest/event that deals with cutting rose bushes.

To start this you will need to get the Valentine's Contest Rose Cutting Shears which can be obtained by talking to Sarah The Florist Sarah the Florist in Town Center.

Valentine's Contest Rose Cutting Shears
Valentine's Contest Rose Cutting Shears

You will then use the shears on Rose Bushes that spawn outside these dungeons in Trammel and Felucca(Orc Caves, Covetous, Destard, Shame, Daemon Temple).

A Freshly Cut Rose
Rose Bush

You will not always get an item when cutting.

The item which you can obtain is a Freshly Cut Rose .

A Freshly Cut Rose
A Freshly Cut Rose

The Freshly Cut Rose will come with random stats which are as follows.

Size Quality Rarity

There is a point system based on these stats.

On the Freshly Cut Rose, there will be 3 markers.

1 Size. Range = 8 - 24

2 Quality. Range = Poor(1), Average(2), Normal(3), Excellent(4), Superior(5)

3 Rarity. Range = Common(1), Uncommon(2), Rare(3), Legendary(4), Mythical(5)

Points = Size + (10 + (1.5 * Quality)) + (5 * Rarity)

At the end of the event (this ends the last day of February for collecting, but can be turned in until the 10th of March) you will want to turn in the best Rose you have. You can only turn in one Rose, so make sure it is the most points on the Rose that you have!

Rewards will be handed out shortly after the 10th of March.

1st Place: 300ED

2nd Place: 150ED

3rd Place: 75 ED

Everyone will obtain a participation reward for competing in this event and the top 3 will receive a unique reward.

The turn-in chest location will be given later as it nears the end.

2021 Contest Winners

1st Place: Nymphetamyne

2nd Place: Vida - Aeryn Sun - Harmonia

3rd Place: Moonrose - Wolf - Camillion - Akaria - Hayur - Kurgan

Saving Valentines Quest

This quest is active in 2020 and TBD dates in the future.

Locate Valentina the Cupids messenger, double-click her and you will receive the first part of the quest.

Valentina Cupid's Messenger
Valentina Cupid's Messenger

I cannot leave and I am in need of a nice Bouquet of Roses for Cupid?

If you do I need you to go have Karen the Florist make me a nice one. She can be found decorating the cave in this area.


Talk to Karen the Florist in the cave inside the area and receive her Pruning Clippers.

Use the Clippers inside the Quest area on Flowering Roses to obtain 10 Cut Roses. Be careful to not prick yourself on a thorn!

Return to Karen with the cut roses to obtain the Bouquet.

Please return to me as soon as you obtain the Bouquet of Roses! I might have another task for you after!

Karen the florist
Karen the florist

Karen the florist is located in a small cave located in the valentine's area.

Talk to her and she will give you Karen's Pruning Clippers Karen's Pruning Clippers.

Take the clippers and walk to the swamp area and you will need to obtain 10 Cut Rose Cut Roses by using the clippers on Flowering Rose Flowering Roses.

Return to Karen and she will give you the Bouquet of Roses Bouquet of Roses that Valentina has asked for.

Once you turn in the bouquet to Valentina, she will ask you to kill some monsters in the area.

Amount Monster
5 Not-So-Cuddly Dragon

Not-So-Cuddly Dragons

5 Misery Seeker

Misery Seekers

10 Venus Hell Hound

Venus Hell Hounds

10 Corrupted Heart

Corrupted Hearts

10 Love Bug

Love Bugs

Return to Valentina after completing this task and you will be rewarded a Valentine's Reward Token Valentine's Reward Token. Double-click the token and you will receive a random Valentine Artifact.

Cupid's Shadow

This Boss is active in 2020 and TBD for future years.

You will need 5 items to be able to enter the area where the Valentine Boss is located.

Peerless Keys

Cupid's Bow Cupid's Feathers Cupid's Arrows Cupid's Quiver Cupid's Love Powder
Cupid's Bow Cupid's Feathers Cupid's Arrows Cupid's Quiver Cupid's Love Powder
Corrupted Heart

Corrupted Hearts

Misery Seeker

Misery Seekers

Venus Hell Hound

Venus Hell Hounds

Not-So-Cuddly Dragon

Not-So-Cuddly Dragons

Love Bug

Love Bugs


Cupid's Chest You will drop those keys each onto Cupid's Chest shown here to obtain 6 summoning keys (for you and 5 guests).

Cupid's Arrow Pile You will receive 6 of these from turning in the needed items to Cupid's Chest.

You can give 5 of these to friends you would like to bring with you to fight the boss. When ready, simply double click the item and a menu will pop up. You must be in the valentine's event area for this to work. You will have up to 90 minutes to kill the boss before it will eject you out. Once you kill it you will have 5 minutes to loot the boss if you choose before being ejected. The wait timer to start again is set at 5 minutes after the boss is killed due to the timing to allow for looting.