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The gate to the entrance for the Valentine's Area is located in the SW Tower on top of the Town Center building.


Locate Valentina the Cupids messenger, double-click her and you will receive the first part of the quest.

Valentina Cupid's Messenger
Valentina Cupid's Messenger

I cannot leave and I am in need of a nice Bouquet of Roses for Cupid?

If you do I need you to go have Karen the Florist make me a nice one. She can be found decorating the cave in this area.


Talk to Karen the Florist in the cave inside the area and receive her Pruning Clippers.

Use the Clippers inside the Quest area on Flowering Roses to obtain 10 Cut Roses. Be careful to not prick yourself on a thorn!

Return to Karen with the cut roses to obtain the Bouquet.

Please return to me as soon as you obtain the Bouquet of Roses! I might have another task for you after!

Karen the florist
Karen the florist

Karen the florist is located in a small cave located in the valentine's area.

Talk to her and she will give you Karen's Pruning Clippers Karen's Pruning Clippers.

Take the clippers and walk to the swamp area and you will need to obtain 10 Cut Rose Cut Roses by using the clippers on Flowering Rose Flowering Roses.

Return to Karen and she will give you the Bouquet of Roses Bouquet of Roses that Valentina has asked for.

Once you turn in the bouquet to Valentina, she will ask you to kill some monsters in the area.

Amount Monster
5 Not-So-Cuddly Dragon

Not-So-Cuddly Dragons

5 Misery Seeker

Misery Seekers

10 Venus Hell Hound

Venus Hell Hounds

10 Corrupted Heart

Corrupted Hearts

10 Love Bug

Love Bugs

Return to Valentina after completing this task and you will be rewarded a Valentine's Reward Token Valentine's Reward Token. Double-click the token and you will receive a random Valentine Artifact.

Cupid's Shadow

You will need 5 items to be able to enter the area where the Valentine Boss is located.

Peerless Keys

Cupid's Bow Cupid's Feathers Cupid's Arrows Cupid's Quiver Cupid's Love Powder
Cupid's Bow Cupid's Feathers Cupid's Arrows Cupid's Quiver Cupid's Love Powder
Corrupted Heart

Corrupted Hearts

Misery Seeker

Misery Seekers

Venus Hell Hound

Venus Hell Hounds

Not-So-Cuddly Dragon

Not-So-Cuddly Dragons

Love Bug

Love Bugs


Cupid's Chest You will drop those keys each onto Cupid's Chest shown here to obtain 6 summoning keys (for you and 5 guests).

Cupid's Arrow Pile You will receive 6 of these from turning in the needed items to Cupid's Chest.

You can give 5 of these to friends you would like to bring with you to fight the boss. When ready, simply double click the item and a menu will pop up. You must be in the valentine's event area for this to work. You will have up to 90 minutes to kill the boss before it will eject you out. Once you kill it you will have 5 minutes to loot the boss if you choose before being ejected. The wait timer to start again is set at 5 minutes after the boss is killed due to the timing to allow for looting.