Town Center Player Vendors

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We have vendors that can be rented in Town Center. Which could help you sell your items. It costs 20,000 Gold to place the vendor and then costs 15,000 gold per week. While having a vendor here you will not be charged as much for daily fees. This can help with selling higher-end items on your Town Center Vendor.

Place Your Vendor

To place your vendor simply find a vacant stool in the town center and double-click it. This will bring up the rental menu.

Vendor Placement Accept Gump

Vendor Placement Gump

Once your vendor is placed you can stock it as usual. The Gump on the vendor is edited for a few bonus things you can do with your vendor like turning them.

Vendor Gump

Town Center Vendor Gump

NOTE: These have changed to charge a fee on placement and only 10 percent charge for each sale on point of sale. Vendors in this area are automatically removed if they have not been restocked in a 30 day period. This process is automatic.