The Zodiac Quest

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The zodiac quest is a new permanent quest based on the signs of the zodiac, which incorporates a variety of skills and custom systems here on UO Eventine.

This quest is designed for older players and as such will be challenging and have high-end rewards upon completion.

Each part of the zodiac quest completed will give you a gemstone these will be account bound, you will need to collect all 12 of these for a reward.

One reward token will be given upon completing all 12 quests which can be used to redeem one of the rewards listed.

Rewards and final tokens are not account bound and may be traded with other players.

Each month will run in real-time with the signs of the zodiac, you can see a complete list of these underneath.

You must make sure to complete each task before the next one starts, otherwise, you will have to wait until next year to complete. (There will be no exceptions made to this )

To begin the quest head to Moonglow Trammel where you find Celeste the Astrologist in a building next to the telescope to the east.

Celeste the Astrologist
Celeste the Astrologist
Stone Sign Date
Diamond Aries (Ram) March 21–April 19
Sapphire Taurus (Bull) April 20–May 20
Agate Gemini (Twins) May 21–June 21
Emerald Cancer (Crab) June 22–July 22
Onyx. Leo (Lion) July 23–August 22
Carnelian Virgo (Virgin) August 23–September 22
Peridot Libra (Balance) September 23–October 23
Aquamarine Scorpio (Scorpion) October 24–November 21
Topaz Sagittarius (Archer) November 22–December 21
Ruby Capricorn (Goat) December 22–January 19
Garnet Aquarius (Water Bearer) January 20–February 18
Amethyst Pisces (Fish) February 19–March 20
Reward Zodiac Gem
Zodiac Gem


Below is a list of rewards you can choose from upon completion.

Galactic Portal House Gate Deed

Galactic Portal House Gate

Telescope Addon Deed


Star of Sirius Star of Sirius

Star of Sirius

Orion's Belt Orion's Belt

Orion's Belt

Celestial Double Axe Celestial Double Axe

Celestial Double Axe

Celestial Bow

Celestial Bow

Celestial Soul Glaive

Celestial Soul Glaive

Celestial Robes Celestial Robes

Celestial Robes