The Shai Hulud

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The Shai Hulud is a boss that can be summoned in the Makoto Desert of Tokuno.

To summon the Shai Hullud, you will first need to obtain a Thumper Assembly.

You can obtain a thumper assembly randomly on the corpse of Ant Lions.

Double-clicking the thumper will tell u each step you need to craft the Thumper.

It will require 5 Random Gems, 25 Random Ingots, and 5 Gears.

Once you have the thumper you can head to Makoto Zento and head to the location shown in the picture below.


Double-click the thumper inside the stone ring and you and anyone inside will head to the fight.

This is a timed fight and will exit you after the fight.

This boss has a chance to give artifact rewards.