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To start this quest talk to Kelli on one of the Docks in West Britain.

Kelli the Nautical Inventor Location
Kelli the Nautical Inventor West Britain Docks

11° 36'S 11° 19'E


Hello! I have a creation I wish to complete and if you help me I will give you one of them! This will be one of the best creations ever!

She will ask you to do the following tasks:

Kill Amount Monster
10 Krakens
10 Deep Sea Serpents
10 Sea Serpents
Quantity Item Monster
1 Magic Sextant

Magic Sextant

Loch Ness Monster
3 Magical Sextant Parts

Magical Sextant Parts

Krakens in Faraan

Once you have completed the tasks asked of you return to Kelli to receive a Nautical Location Tracker Nautical Location Tracker as your reward.