Sunken Pirate Ships

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This page will be updated in the near future with a better description.

In Faraan, there are areas in the water away from the coast, but on the coastline of the main continent that can sometimes have scuttled or 'sunken' pirate ships. You can board these like you would board a normal galleon. You will need to do so from your ship. Once on board the ship you can try to open the hold. This will spawn a wave of pirates that will attack to try to protect the hold. As you defeat the wave you can spawn another wave the same way. Once all waves have been defeated you will face a pirate captain. Upon killing the pirate captain you will be able to finally open the ship's hold. The important item inside the hold to loot is the pirate captain's buried treasure map. This will give you the location of where to dig up their treasure. These will always be in Faraan.