Summer Shark Fishing Contest

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During the month of July, there is a shark fishing competition on UO Eventine.

You will want to fish in deep waters with at least 100 fishing skill to fish up a shark.

A Great White Shark
A Great White Shark

On the Sharks, there will be 3 markers.

1 Size. Range = 8 - 24

2 Quality. Range = Poor, Average, Normal, Excellent, Superior

3 Rarity. Range = Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical

These items use a formula to give themselves a total point.

Size + (10 + (1.5 * Quality)) + (5 * Rarity)

At any time during or up until August 10th, you can turn in what you think is your best overall shark. You can only turn in one shark per account

You can turn this into Lillian the hunting event judge east of the seasonal entrance on the table in Town Center.


Rewards will be handed out shortly after the 10th of August.

1st Place: 300 ED

2nd Place: 200 ED

3rd Place: 100 ED

the top 3 to place will also get a specific trophy stating their places. Everyone will also get a participation reward for turning in a Shark.

2022 Winners