Summer Events

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For Summer there is 2 systems setup. A champion spawn and a quest.

Summer Champion Spawn

To access the Summer Champion Spawn you can head to Faraan on the teleporter and run northwest of the crossroads.

This champion spawn reactivates every 2 to 4 hours.

Summer Champion
Tiers 1 Butterflies Grasshoppers
Tier 2 Lady Birds Chicken Lizards
Tier 3 Sand Vortexes Scorpions
Tier 4 Evil Surfer Dudes Water Elementals
Boss The Sun

Lost Summer Items

To start this quest you must head to the docks in Vesper and speak to Jeff Spicoli the Surfer.

He will ask you to find various items around.

You will also need to defeat Joan the Thief.

Upon finishing this quest you will receive a summer reward token.