Stat Caps

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We have two kinds of stat caps here on UO Eventine. Your Total Stat Cap, and your Individual Stat Cap.

Individual Stat Cap

Each of your main attributes Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence, is capped at 125 for all new characters.

We offer special scrolls called "A +5 Max <attribute> Stat Deed, for 50 Eventine Dollars. These allow you to raise that particular attribute up to a maximum of 150 if you use 5 of the same kind.

Total Stat Cap

This represents the total of all 3 attributes. Str + Int + Dex. This is capped at 300 for all new players. This can be raised by using a Stat Cap Scroll obtained from the harrower or for 500 Eventine Dollars. The maximum your str + int + dex can be raised to is 350.