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There are 2 quests that you can get at random when talking to Fergus in the Tavern in New Haven, Trammel.


Tavern in New Haven


NOTE: resigning this quest or denying a quest to get the other will result in a period of waiting before you can get the quest again.

When you talk to Fergus you will get one of the two quests below at random.

Pub Crawl

Hey, wanna have some fun and get paid to grab a bunch of drinks?

You need to head to these 12 taverns and get a beer and drink them from a bartender dressed in green.

Once you have completed this head to Moonglow The Scholar's Goods in Trammel and find Alan the Recycler. You will talk to him to trade your 12 empty bottles in for a receipt.

Return to me with the receipt to prove you completed the crawl and I shall reward you!

You will need to head to each of the Taverns on the list and talk to the Barkeeper dressed in green. He will give you a beer from that tavern. You will need to drink it to get the empty bottle to turn in to Alan the Recycler in Moonglow to get the Receipt.

Barkeeper Alan the Recycler

12 Different Taverns


Alan the Recycler

The Scholar's Goods

Moonglow, Trammel

Full Beer Empty Beer Recycling Receipt
Full Beer Empty Beer Recycling Receipt
Tavern Town Facet
The Unicorn's Horn Britain Trammel
The Pirate's Plunder Buccaneer's Den Trammel
The Horse's Head Jhelom Trammel
The Barnacle Minoc Trammel
The Silver Bow Nujel'm Trammel
The Dog And Lion Pub Serpent's Hold Trammel
The Shattered Skull Skara Brae Trammel
The Key and Anchor Trinsic Trammel
Ye Olde Winery Yew Trammel
Skeleton Swill Umbra Malas
Sake Saka Tavern Zento Tokuno
The Royal Oak Town Center Trammel

Return to Fergus with the receipt, toggle it in the game, and get your reward.

St. Patrick's Quest Reward Token

St. Patrick's Quest Reward Token

Helping a Leprechaun

We need to help my friend the Leprechaun out are you willing?

You will need to obtain 3 four leaf clovers from 3 different locations, a pile of lucky coins, and a pot of gold off the corpse of an imposter leprechaun.

Return to me with the items and I shall give you a reward

First, you will find the clover patches listed below and double-click them searching for a four-leaf clover from each forest.

A Forest Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover Patch Four Leaf Clover Patch Location
A Minoc Forest Four Leaf Clover West of Minoc Public Moongate
A Moonglow Forest Four Leaf Clover South of Moonglow Public Moongate
A Yew Forest Four Leaf Clover North of Yew Public Moongate

Next you will go to Faraan Britain Bank and find Donngal The Minter and talk to him to get a Pile of Lucky Coins

Donngal The Minter Pile of Lucky Coins
Donngal The Minter

Britain Bank


Pile of Lucky Coins

A Pile of Lucky Coins

After this, you will need to head to the forest north of Vesper in Trammel. You will find Bressal the Imposter Leprechaun and defeat him to obtain the Pot of Gold off of his corpse.

Bressal the Imposter Leprechaun Pot of Gold
Bressal the Imposter Leprechaun

Forest North of Vesper


Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

Return to Fergus and toggle your pot of gold, the 3 clovers, and the pile of lucky coins and you will receive your reward.

St. Patrick's Quest Reward Token

St. Patrick's Quest Reward Token

Champion Spawn

The St. Patrick's Champion spawn can be found near crossroads in Faraan. It spawns every 2 to 4 hours. Coords are 20° 55°S, 30° 18°W.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Bananach Enbarr Banshee Fomorian
Fachan Puca Buggane Oillipheist
Champion Boss
St. Patrick's Evil Clone

Leprechaun World Boss

A Leprechaun is St. Patrick's world boss. It is located south of the bridge between Trinsic and Britain to the southwest in the heart-shaped clearing in Faraan.

This boss will spawn every 4 to 8 hours in the month of March 2021.

A Leprechaun
A Leprechaun

Smash Area

There is a moon gate through the cave west of the Town Center gate. You will find a large area with all types of mobs. The mobs will get increasingly difficult the further you go to the outer edges of the area.

The objective is to kill as many mobs as possible. The mobs in this area have a chance of dropping currency called Piles of Leprechaun Gold. This currency can be used to purchase throwing items, disguise kits, and poof balls. These monsters also can drop toy crafting items and tools.

Note: The newer player/easier area is when you go right in the area while going left heads to the more advanced area