Spring Fair

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The Spring Fair is a fair that takes place on the first and last full weekends of May.

The fair will consist of about 5 games, a few arcade-style games, and a fortune reading that can be played with tickets that can be purchased via the ticket booths in the fair area.

To buy fair tickets simply double-click the counter on the ticket booth to open the menu.

To play most games you will have to double-click the item to use.

Balloon Pop - Double-click the darts. Bottle Knock - Double-click the balls. Hook-A-Duck - Double-click the Fishing rods. Ring-A-Bottle - Double-click the rings. Bite-An-Apple - Double-click the apples. Get your fortune read - Double-click the crystal ball in the tent.

All of these might require you to be at a specific distance from the items.

These games are interactive and upon double-clicking a gump will come up with the game.

All games can give level 1, 2, or 3 rewards.

All rewards can be turned in 20 level 1 items for a level 2 item and 10 level 2 for a level 1. These have to be identical items.

Every game costs 5 tickets per play and tickets are 100 gold per ticket.

This fair also has food and drink that can be bought at the right stands for money by double-clicking the counters. It will auto-charge and give you a random item. Drinks and Food cost 500 gold each.