Spring Deco Contest

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This event runs through June. To obtain a decorated house you can double-click a free tile in Town Center and it will link you to the house and give you a book to use to teleport back and forth for decorating purposes. This is in hope to help keep the houses private from view until the voting will start. You will not be charged for yard wand items or building the house, you will have to supply your own actual item decorations which you can remove after, or have returned to your bank after the event has ended.

Prizes are as follows:

1st Place: 500 Eventine Dollars 2nd Place: 300 Eventine Dollars 3rd Place: 150 Eventine Dollars


To vote you will find the Vote Form Stone in Town Center near all the deco teleporters. You will be able to obtain your vote form from this place. In order for your votes to count, you must vote for 3 houses. (stand inside a house, double click the form and click an open button to vote, they all give 1 vote.)

Once you have voted for 3 different houses you must turn it into the Vote Drop Box in Town Center next to the stone you got the form from. You must have all three votes done to turn in. You will be rewarded with a completed vote form.

Voting closes at the end of the 10th of July.

Any vote forms not turned in will be deleted and the votes removed.


1st place - Akaria


2nd Place - Skittles

Main  1st Floor  2nd Floor  3rd Floor

3rd Place - Moonrose

Main  1st Floor  2nd Floor