Recruitment System

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The recruitment system is to help new players learn the place and get some perks, this system also will give recruitment points to buy perks to vets that recruit players after a recruit turns 60 days. There are various systems in place to determine the points given at the 60-day end.

In order to recruit someone, they must be under 10 days old on the server. A recruiter must be at least 30 days old on the server.

To recruit a player single click on them and select the "recruit" selection.

New player perks can be claimed for the first 30 days of being on the server (not from when they became a recruit). They can obtain 1 perk per 24 hours.


There are commands that can be used to get your perks or view your recruits.

[MyRecruits will pull up a window to show the recruiter all their recruits.

[MyPerks will give the recruit his perks or the recruiter their perks in a menu to select.

NOTE: If caught making a fake account to obtain perks will result in a full ban. Any exploitation of this service will result in penalties determined by the staff member up to a ban.