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Re-Layering is the form of turning one wearable or weapon into another. In order to do so, you will need a Re-Layer deed which is purchasable from the Eventine Dollar Store.

Use of Deed

To use the deed you double click while in your backpack. A menu will pop up giving you the option to add 2 items.

The first item you add will be the item you are relayering (what the base item stats will be). The second item will be the graphic and slot the item will become. Under is a rename function where you can rename your new item. Click Apply to create your new Re-Layer.

  • Note: Some items cannot be relayered.

Non Transferable Properties

Some stats will not transfer over to a re-layer. Most of them do not work in a re-layered position, therefore, there is no need to transfer them.

Here is a list of things that are non-transferable to specific slots.

These Stats Do No Transfer
Battle Lust Blood Drinker Hit Cold Area Hit Curse Hit Dispel
Hit Energy Area Hit Fatigue Hit Fire Area Hit Fireball Hit Harm
Hit Life Leech Hit Mana Leech Hit Stamina Leech Hit Lightning Hit Lower Attack
Hit Lower Defense Hit Magic Arrow Hit Mana Drain Hit Physical Area Hit Poison Area
Mage Weapon SpellChanneling Splintering Weapon Use Best Weapon Skill Elemental Damages
Note: There may be more added to this list later

This will be updated with more depth in the near future