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Razor Enhanced is the preferred assistant to use on UO Eventine. It has more compatibility with our custom client, and also works with the custom open-source client Classic Ultima Online. You can download the Razor Enhanced by going to here. Razor Enhanced supports multiple syntaxes for your scripting needs. You can code in python, and C#, or it can support UO Steam code by adding //UOS as the first line before the code and saving it as a .uos file.

Script Examples

Below we will update as we can scripts that work and can help show you how some functions work.

You can also head to the Razor Enhanced Wiki for more information and scripting support Here.


Basic Attack Script Click Here


Basic Fishing Script Click Here


Basic Mining Script: Click Here


Basic Lumberjacking Script: Click Here

Move Items

Move all items in one container to another: Click Here

Healer Setup

You can set up the bandage heal in the Agents tab to work smoothly with the server. Below is a picture of the best way to set it up. We use the [band and [bandself commands here so having those checked will help with not having to target bandages and then player. We also have healing timers set on the buff bar so if your bar is open you can check to use that for the timer.