Pristine Plants

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These are unique plants where only the flowers are colored whilst leaving the rest of the plant green.

Pristine plants can be made by using Magic Fertilizer (collected by using a Composting Barrel) on a colored seed of any one of the following plants:

Image Plant
Bulrushes Bulrushes
Cactus Plant Cactus plant
Campion flowers Campion flowers
Century plant Century plant
Foxglove flower Foxglove flower
Lilies Lilies
Orfluer flower Orfluer flower
Pampas grass Pampas grass
Poppies Poppies
Snowdrops Snowdrops

Once you are successful in making a pristine seed you must then plant this, it will grow in the usual way and will need tending daily. The mature plant will produce no resources or seeds.