Pet Traits

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Pet Traits are traits that a baby pet can randomly be assigned during Breeding.

When you open a pet breeding ticket to claim your pet, it will randomly be assigned a pet trait.

The Traits are as follows:

Trait Description
Backpack Your pet will now have a backpack you can use and open. Treated the same way as to pack horses and llamas.
Pack Instinct Your pet will now have a pack instinct bonus if using other pets with the same trait or type.
Breath Weapon Your pet will be able to do the breath ability randomly.
Special Attack You will be able to use the leveling system to select with spending points a special attack your pet will use. (they will still need mana to use the ability)
Block Stat Loss Your pet will not take any stat loss on resurrection after death.
Can Lower Control Slots Allows your pet to have their slots lowered in the pet leveling system with spending points.
Double Damage Your pet will be doing 2 damage types at 100 percent intensity Physical and randomly one of the elemental damages.
Poisoner Your pet will now do poison attacks at its targets.
Healer Your pet will have the healing ability to heal itself and you.
Magic Increase Your magical pet will have its magic power increased.
Extreme Loyalty Your pet will always be bonded.
Area Damage Attack Your pet will randomly do area attacks.
Slow Your pet will be very slow. This is a negative trait.
Weaker Damage Your pets base damage will be halved. Making them weaker. This is a negative trait.
Pack Aversion Your pet will do less damage when around other pets with this setting or of the same type. This is a negative trait.