Personal Animal Spawners

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Personal Animal Spawners are animal spawners that can be placed in your house or yard. You can obtain these in contract form from the Personal Animal Spawner Store in Town Center for 500k Tokens each.

Using the contract will place a spawner that will spawn up to 3 of that type animal. It is a normal spawn timed spawner.

Personal Animal Spawner
Personal Animal Spawners

Only the owner will be able to see the spawner once it is placed. Anyone can see spawned animals.

Clicking on the spawner will give you 3 options:

Return: Will return all the animals to the spawner. This can be useful if you customize a house and the animals get sent to the ban location.

Relocate: Allows you to relocate the spawner to a different location in your house or yard.

Remove: Turns the spawner back into a contract.

NOTE: Removing the spawner will return it to a contract, but will also require 10 minutes before re-placing.

Skinning animals will give half resources from these spawners.

These animals give less experience than normal animals.

Available Animal Spawners
Bird Black Bear Boar Brown Bear BullFrog Bull
Cat Chicken Cougar Cow Desert Ostard Dog
Eagle Forest Ostard Giant Toad Goat Great Hart Grey Wolf
Grizzly Bear Hind Horse Llama Panther Pig
Polar Bear Rabbit Rat Ridgeback Sheep Timber Wolf
White Wolf