Magery Book Leveling

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One of the custom spell systems to be put into place on UO Eventine. This spellbook leveling system is set directly to the mage book you own. To start leveling your Magery spellbook you need to have a skill level of 120 Magery, and a Spellbook level deed (obtainable from the token stone in Town Center).

The Spellbook Level Deed

Spellbook Leveling Deed

Once you have the spellbook leveling deed. You can double click it and target your spellbook. This will apply the book to become level 1 and be ready for leveling. (The Spellbook must-have spells and you must have 120 magery).

Leveling The Spellbook

To level the spellbook you just kill any monsters and when they die you will gain experience as long as you are holding the book in your hand. (if the book is in your backpack you will gain zero experience).

Spending Points

You can spend points by clicking on your spellbook and selecting information. This spends points just like a leveled weapon.

Mage Book Level

There are 5 Levels your book can raise. Those book levels are

  • Apprentice
  • Adept
  • Warlock
  • Master
  • ArchMage

Gaining New Spells

For every 20 levels that you gain on your spellbook, you will obtain 2 spells. You can see the menu for these spells by double-clicking your spellbook while it is in your hand or you can type [MageSpells to bring the gump up as well.

New SpellS Gump

Once you have the spell casting gump up. You can move the gump, press any of the icons to cast one of their spells, hit help for an index stating the names of the spells, or cancel to close the gump. You can also cast the spells using the [cs <spellnamenospaces> to cast as well. To cast you still must have the spellbook in your hand.


Here is a list of the new spells and a small description of them.

Icon Spell Book Level Description
Ice Blast Ice Blast Apprentice Shoots an ice blast at your target.
Lightning Wave Lightning Wave Apprentice Energy area attack
Dust Storm Dust Storm Adept Multiple area earth attack
Group Calm Group Calm Adept Area Peacemaking
Protean Protean Warlock Timed area heal spell
Poison Dart Poison Dart Warlock Dart does poison damage to the target and can poison it
Void Matter Void Matter Master Chaos damage done to the target
Tidal Rush Tidal Rush Master Water area attack
Crushing Boulder Crushing Boulder Archmage Hurls a boulder at the target
Noxious Fumes Noxious Fumes Archmage Poison area attack. Can poison all targets