Levelable Weapons

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Available on the token store in Town Center for 100,000 tokens, you can buy a weapon leveling deed. Once purchased, simply double click it, and target the weapon of your choice to be able to level it from 1 to 100.

Leveling will allow you to add points to certain attributes on your weapons to make them better, and/or more suited to your particular play-style. Not everything can be added currently.

Also note, that if the weapon has an Artifact Rarity tag, all attributes will cost double of the normal. The artifact rarity tag can be removed for 50 ED at the Weapon Deed dealer. It will also be removed if a Weapon Change Deed is used, or if the item is re-layered.

Imbued items will also cost double points and cannot be removed.

Note: This page is just giving a general description on level able weapons and will be updated in more detail at a later date