Item Contracts

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Item Contracts are contracts that ask for a specific item and graphic to obtain a specific amount for a reward.

Item Contract
Item Contract

You can obtain Item Contracts by fishing up SOS chests.

To complete the contract you must obtain the required amount of the required item on the contract and double-click the contract and select the add button on the bottom left in the Gump.

***NOTE:*** These contracts are graphic specific. IE Some items may look the same as others but have multiple that are the same direction but different heights and require a diff contract.

Head to Jasper the Contract Dealer in Vesper, Trammel after completion and drop the contract onto him to receive your bank check reward.

Item Contract Dealer
Jasper The Item Dealer

Jasper The Item Dealer

The Fisherman'S Guild

Vesper, Trammel

You can also obtain a Item Contract Book Item Contract Book for the Contracts by crafting in the Inscription menu. You can add up to 500 Item contracts into a book. They act the same as a bulk order book or a power scroll book. You can add prices and sell contracts on your vendor as well through the book. You will need a Stealing Contract Book Recipe Item Contract Recipe to make these books which you can obtain in random dungeon Chests.