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Harry Potter week is an 8-day event with a different style event for each day.

This event will all start at every event inside Hogwarts.

To get to Hogwarts you will head thru the cave entrance just west in Town Center.

Event Entrance Event Exit
Hogwarts Entrance Hogwarts Exit
Hogwarts Inside Hogwarts Outside

When you first walk in don't forget to get sorted by the sorting hat! Double-Click to get sorted. This will only work one time in the entire event.

Sorting Hat
Sorting Hat

These events can be A new quest type, a World Boss, or an Invasion.

When a specific event is going on there will be specific ways to get into its quest/boss areas. On the west side of the building starting from the south you will see Green Flame Green Flames lit up in any active fireplaces. You will need to complete the task in each room starting from the south room 1st. You can only obtain one item from each room. These quests can be potentially killing monsters, double-clicking the right item/equipping to advance, taming something, or finding your way through something. Some quests will auto teleport you out, while others may just give you the new item.

Most quest settings will end the full Quest/Event through the flame on the northern fireplace in the center of the Hall. This is set up in a fashion that you will need to double click the altar and it will advance you and your party to the boss. *NOTE* every player to fight the boss will need the summoning items. It will require each person to give their item to fight the boss in groups. It will auto teleport you and your party without an invite Gump on double click if they are in the summon area. Each area has 4 diff altars for 4 different boss fights that can be done at a time to reduce waiting times.

Altar 1 Altar 2 Altar 3
Altar 4 Altar 5 Altar 6

World boss will also have the same way to get into the boss area when the boss has spawned the flame will spawn for you to get to the boss.

Upon completion of any of the boss killing you wil receive a Reward Bag Reward Bag that will contain an artifact and 1-3 Stacks of Galleons Stacks of Galleons, which can be used to buy some fun items from Mundungus Fletcher.

Finding any way to exploit any events without reporting bugs will result in banishment for 3 months of any seasonal events/custom events.