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The Witch's Brew Quest

To start the quest find Cordelia the Witch near the Compassion Shrine Gate in Ilshenar

Quest Giver Location
Cordelia The Witch

Cordelia The Witch

Compassion Shrine


Hello! I am trying to make some new potions! But I do not have many items I would need to do so. Are you willing to help me obtain these items?

Obtain List:

  • Bottle Full of Monster Essence - You will need to fill this bottle with the essence I need. It should tell you which monster you will need to use it on. I think 5 essences of the monster will fill it!
  • 5 Comfrey Roots - I need 5 of these items. You can get by double-clicking some Comfrey Plants. They are located just north of the road to the northeast of lakeshire in Ilshenar.
  • A Cauldron - You will need to bring a chunk of Magical Ore to Chuck the Cauldron Crafter in Lakeshire in Ilshenar. You can get the Ore by double-clicking Magical Stones in the clearing on the north side of the mountain west of Sorcerer's Dungeon in Ilshenar.
  • A Wand - You will need to bring these items to Curtis the Wand Maker in Mistas to obtain a wand. Wand Quality Wood can be obtained by double-clicking Elder Wood Trees in the forest east of the Sacrifice shrine in Ilshenar. You will also need to obtain a Magical Gem Stone which can be obtained by double-clicking Magical Gem Rich Stones in the desert near the old Gargoyle City in Ilshenar.
  • A Pitcher of Swamp Water - Take this empty pitcher and fill it with water from a swamp!

Bring me these items I need and I will reward you!

Obtain List

Bottle Full Of Essence

When you start the quest you will be given an Essence Capturing Bottle Essence Capturing Bottle. You will need to use this on a monster that will be labeled on the bottle. You will need to obtain an essence from 5 different monsters of that type. It will then become a Bottle Full Of Essence Bottle Full Of Essence.

5 Comfrey Roots

To obtain the 5 Comfrey Root Comfrey Roots you will need to find the Comfrey Plant Comfrey Plants, which are located north of the road that goes to the northwest of Lakeshire in Ilshenar, and double-click them until you have all that is required.

A Cauldron

You will need to find some items for Chuck the Cauldron Crafter before he will give you the Cauldron Cauldron needed. Head over to the north side of the mountain that is west of the Sorcerer's Dungeon in Ilshenar. You will find in the clearing a bunch of Magical Stone Magical Stone Magical Stones. Double-click them to receive the piece of Magical Ore Magical Ore that you are in need of. Head over to Chuck after and receive your cauldron.


Find the Elder Wood Tree Elder Wood Trees in the forest east of the Sacrifice shrine in Ilshenar and double-click them until you collect Wand Quality Wood Wand Quality Wood. From there go to the desert that is next to the old Gargoyle City in Ilshenar and double-click the Magical Gem Rich Stone Magical Gem Rich Stone Magical Gem Rich Stone. Double-click these stones until you receive a Magical Gem Stone Magical Gem Stone. Once you have those items head to Curtis the Wand Maker in Mistas and he will trade you for a Magical Gem Stone Wand.

A Pitcher of Swamp Water

You will also receive an Empty Pitcher an Empty Pitcher when you started the quest. You will need to double-click this pitcher and target any swamp water. This will turn the Pitcher into A Pitcher of Swamp Water A Pitcher of Swamp Water.


Once you have all the items return to Cordelia and make sure to toggle all your quest items. You will receive a Halloween Reward Token Halloween Reward Token for your trouble alongside a bank check for 50,000 gold. Double-click this to get your reward.

Haunted Mansion

To get to the Haunted Mansion area you will need to head into the cave entrance on the west side of Town Center south of the player vendors.

Event Area Entrance

Haunted Mansion Map

NOTE: You cannot bring pets into the area or be mounted.

NOTE: Dying in this area will cause you to be moved directly back to the Town Center entrance. You can summon your corpse from this location on the Corpse stone.

Note: You cannot sit in one spot too long without moving or you will be expelled from the area.

This area starts out in an easier stage of monsters and gets harder the deeper you go in. There are mini-bosses in specific areas that have a respawn timer of about 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Inside this dungeon, you can get Spooky Bucks Spooky Bucks that can be used to purchase Costumes and a few other items from the Haunted Mansion Reward Room.

Any Monster has a chance to drop spooky bucks, and the mini-bosses can drop an item in their corpse alongside giving anyone that kills them guaranteed spooky bucks.

Note: All Mini-bosses have a chance to drop specific items to them.

Horror Movie Champ Spawn

The Horror Movie Champ Spawn is located in Malas Near Grimswind Ruins.

Here is the tier system of the Monsters.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Gremlin Annabelle Samara Morgan Pinhead
Woman in Black Carrie Leatherface Jason Voorhees
Ghostface Regan MacNeil Chucky Michael Meyers
Hannibal Lecter Pennywise Henrietta Freddy Krueger
Champion Boss
Dr. Jekyll

This system has its own group of rewards which can be found in the Halloween Champion Spawn Reward Display Room.

World Boss

There will be a Halloween World Boss that will spawn every 12 to 16 hrs in the area just west of Faraan Crossroads. A global message will pop up when the boss spawns.

Trick Or Treating

You can trick or treat off of any NPC in towns by saying "Trick or Treat" and then target the NPC. You can trick or treat once every 15 minutes.

The Displays for trick or treating are in the Trick or Treat reward display room.

Player Zombies

When a player dies in the month of October there is a chance that their Skeleton will become re-animated and appear in the Cemeteries of Felucca and Trammel. (Britain, Jhelom, Trinsic, Vesper, Moonglow, Yew, Fire Dungeon, T2A)

Killing these can sometimes result in them leaving behind a named corpse chest on their corpse.

Pumpkin Patch

Players can harvest pumpkins this season. The larger pumpkins bear the names of Developers and Event Moderators. If one tries to pick it up, it can turn into a Killer Pumpkin. After defeating a Killer Pumpkin carvable pumpkins can be found in the corpse. You can also obtain the pumpkin carving tool off these.

Patch Locations
13° 0'N 131° 54'W

Trammel & Feluca

48° 36'S 35° 51'W

Trammel & Feluca

16° 5'S 9° 50'W

Trammel & Feluca

56° 46'S 35° 5'W

Trammel & Feluca

Pumpkin Patch in Haunted Mansion Area

Trammel Only

Pumpkin Carving

We have a custom pumpkin carving system that you can obtain the tool and materials from the Pumpkin Patch event areas.

You can create tons of pumpkins that are interactive when created Exceptional. These also have use for an item that you can purchase with the Haunted Mansion spooky bucks.

Halloween House Decoration Contest

We will be having a Halloween Decoration contest. This will allow anyone who has a house decorated for Halloween to enter.


  • House must have a Halloween theme.
  • House must be public so anyone can view it.
  • Only 1 house can be entered. Grouped houses will not be counted only the house the rune is in front of.

How to enter:

  • There is a red box in Town Center south of the staircase. Westside of Player Market.
  • To enter place a rune marked to the house you wish to submit into the box by October 31st at 12 am. So the night of the 30th.
  • Every day we will add gates on the ground to houses for public viewing.
  • On the 31st we will place a system for players to vote for which house they like best.
  • These votes will be added up with additional votes from staff.

Winning rewards are as follows:

  • 1st Place - 500 ED
  • 2nd Place - 400 ED
  • 3rd Place - 300 ED

All entrants will get a participation award as well.

Good luck and happy decorating!