Fruit Trees

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To grow fruit trees you will need to obtain seeds found by lumberjacking anywhere in Faraan, these seeds can be identified with poppies dust and stored in seed keys.

Note: You must have at least 115 in lumberjacking skill to obtain these seeds.

There are 11 different trees to collect all of which produce resources used for cooking/smoothie making, they are as follows:

Tree Types
Type Image
Apple Apple Tree
Banana Banana Tree
Cherry Cherry Tree
Coconut Coconute Palm Tree
Date Date Palm Tree
Lemon Lemon Tree
Lime Lime Tree
Orange Orange Tree
Peach Peach Tree
Pear Pear Tree
Plum Plum Tree

Once you have the seeds simply plant them in a plant bowl, these will grow in the usual way and will need to be tended daily to keep them healthy. When the plants reach day 10 you will receive a tree sapling as a resource in the plant menu.

Tree Sapling
Tree Sapling

Plant the sapling by double-clicking it and targeting the ground, the fruit trees will then produce resources which can be collected every half an hour by double-clicking the tree.