Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does this server have PVP? - No. This is a PVM server as stated on our main page and all voting site adverts. There is PVP within a guild if the player has their guild PVP turned on.

  • How long has this server been running? - This server has been running since November of 2018.

  • When I cast I remove my weapons and shield even though they have spell channeling, is this a bug? - No. The problem is your assistant (Razor, Razor CE, Razor Enhanced, UO Steam) probably has the option checked to do so on their options page. Unchecking this option there will fix the issue.

  • Help I went to equip a weapon and it vanished... how do you have this kind of bug? - The most common culprit is that you are wearing a pack belt and are not aware of it and the item has been placed inside of it. Open your belt pack and it is usually there.

  • I was told that containers do not close when you change facets but mine are closing. Did you do something to my player? - No. Again your assistant (Razor, Razor CE, Razor Enhanced, UO Steam) probably has the option checked to auto-search new containers. Turning this off will fix and work with our custom feature.

  • I am not gaining stealth and have a full set of plate armor on. Is this skill broken? - No this skill works normally, but you must use the UO Guide and follow the directions exactly. If it says to wear items ONLY wear what it tells you to have on. Having other gear on will change the outcome.

  • Is there anything I can do if I cannot get my corpse back, or cannot find it on the corpse stone? - If you die you can use [BuyLostCorpse to find a corpse if it is still in the world. Alternatively, if your corpse has been deleted you may still be able to find your items with [BuyLostItems for a fee on both items. Things will be stored in [BuyLostItems as long as your character is within 6 mos current of logging in after 6 mos the items will be deleted from the server.

  • How can I recall into my house directly? - You have to open your house menu and in the security settings turn on allowing marking inside the house. Once you do that you can mark a rune inside and teleport into your house.

  • Hey there are no daily fees on a vendor. I can just add all my items to them and get free bonus house storage, right? - No if caught doing this your vendor and all the items on it, including maybe ones for sale, will be deleted.