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The Dungeon of Doom is the source of some of the most powerful Artifacts around. They all have the Artifact Rarity property with a value of 11, with the exception of the Legacy of the Dread Lord and The Taskmaster (which are only at level 10); this is a fairly abstract figure, as there is no set rate at which the items enter the game world. There also exists a set of Doom stealables (some of which are in very short supply and hence also very valuable).

To acquire a standard Doom artifact, you must defeat certain monsters within the Doom Gauntlet


Gauntlet Monsters
Dark Father

Dark Father

Darknight Creeper

Darknight Creeper





Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight

Abyssmal Horror

Abyssmal Horror

The base chance of achieving an artifact is about one in a thousand (or one in a hundred from Dark Fathers). These odds improve as you make more and more kills until such time as you receive an item, at which point the counter resets.

They are not looted, but instead placed directly in your Backpack (or Bank Box, should you be overweight) with the following system message:

"For your valor in combating the fallen creature, a special artifact has been bestowed upon you."


Here is a list of the artifacts you can obtain



Arcane Shield.png

Arcane Shield

Armor Of Fortune.png

Armor of Fortune

Axe Of The Heavens.png
Axe of the Heavens
The Berserker's Maul.png

The Berserker's Maul

Blade Of Insanity.png

Blade of Insanity

Bone Crusher.png

Bone Crusher

Bracelet Of Health.png

Bracelet of Health

Breath Of The Dead.png

Breath of the Dead

Two Handed Axe.png

The Deceiver

Divine Countenance.png

Divine Countenance

The Dragon Slayer.png

The Dragon Slayer

The Dryad Bow.png

The Dryad Bow



Gauntlets Of Nobility.png

Gauntlets of Nobility



Hat Of The Magi.png

Hat of the Magi

Helm Of Insight.png

Helm of Insight

Holy Knight's Breastplate.png

Holy Knight's Breastplate

Hunter's Headdress.png

Hunter's Headdress

Composite Bow.png

Bow of Infinite Swarms

Jackal's Collar.png

Jackal's Collar

Legacy Of The Dread Lord.png

Legacy of the Dread Lord

Leggings Of Bane.png

Leggings of Bane

Midnight Bracers.png

Midnight Bracers

Ornament Of The Magician.png

Ornament of the Magician

Ornate Crown Of The Harrower.png

Ornate Crown of the Harrower

Ring Of The Elements.png

Ring of the Elements

Ring Of The Vile.png

Ring of the Vile


The Scholar’s Halo

Serpent's Fang.png

Serpent's Fang

Shadow Dancer Leggings.png

Shadow Dancer Leggings

Spirit Of The Totem.png

Spirit of the Totem

Staff Of The Magi.png

Staff of the Magi

The Taskmaster.png

The Taskmaster

Tunic Of Fire.png

Tunic of Fire

Voice Of The Fallen King.png

Voice of the Fallen King

Artifact Recipes

Here is a list of the items you can get recipes to make.


Bracelet of Primal Consumption

Chainmail Leggings.png

Britches of Warding

Bone Arms.png

Cuffs of the Archmage

Dragon Gloves.png

Gloves of Feudal Grip