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General Information

To obtain a BoD or Bulk Order Deed, you must have at least .1 skill. Then, just single left-click the appropriate craftsman or craftswoman and request a BoD. This will pop up a Gump, allowing you to accept or refuse, and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

All BoDs come in one of two flavors. Small, and Large. A small BoD has several components to it which follow:

  • Quantity (10, 15, 20)
  • Quality (normal or exceptional)
  • Material (cloth, logs, ingots, etc, or any of the special varieties. )

Each Large BoD (LBOD) will require the appropriate small BoDs to fill it. This is what makes LBODS so time-consuming, and worth the much larger rewards.

Bulk Order Caching:

  • NPCs will cache up to 3 bulk order deeds for players
  • All BODs are limited to one every six hours
  • The system will “cache” up to 18 hours worth of BOD give outs
  • Players may claim all 3 deeds in quick succession
  • Turning in a BOD adds a new deed to the cache
  • Example: Log in after 18 hours and receive 3 deeds
  • Example: Receive 3 deeds, then turn in 3 filled deeds, and immediately receive 3 new deeds

Bulk Order Bribery

  • Players may now grease the palms of NPCs that give out Bulk Order Deeds
  • The NPC will accept a bribe from the player in order to upgrade a BOD to a better one
  • Upgrades: Quantity, Quality, Material
  • Can only upgrade completely empty deeds
  • NPCs will become more greedy over time and ask for higher bribes
  • Higher level deeds also require higher bribes
  • NPCs who are bribed frequently will come under Guild scrutiny and stop accepting bribes for a short time
  • To start the process, select the Bribe context menu option on the NPC, and follow the instructions!

Points and Rewards

  • Each BoD is worth a set amount of points, depending on the Quantity, Quality, Material, and Size.
  • You can choose to receive the full amount of points immediately, or you may choose to "bank" a much smaller point value.
  • This allows you to choose the rewards you are getting, but offsets that by requiring a lot more completed bods to balance it.
  • Please note, if you choose the full amount of points, and do not spend them, you lose the balance. IE: You turn in a BoD worth 900 points, and choose a reward for 600 points. You lose the remaining 300 points..

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