August Harvest Event

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The August Harvesting Event is a contest/event that deals with Harvesting.

To start this you will need to get the Tree Leaf Shears which are on the table in front of the tinker in Town Center.

This does require the cooking skill to be at least 70, but 100 to 120 is preferred.

Tree Leaf Shears
Tree Leaf Shears

You will then use the shears on Tree Leaves where you can find any harvestable tree.

You may sometimes get some fruit.

You have a rare chance of getting Peculiar Fruit

Peculiar Fruit

Peculiar fruit, when eaten, can give you a buff that can last up to 30 minutes.

The better item which is the rarest that you can obtain is a piece of Golden Fruit.

Golden Fruit
Golden Fruit

The golden fruit will come with random stats which are as follows.

Size Quality Taste

There is a point system based on these stats.

On the golden fruit, there will be 3 markers.

1 Size. Range = 8 - 24

2 Quality. Range = Poor(1), Average(2), Normal(3), Excellent(4), Superior(5)

3 Rarity. Range = Bland(1), Sour(2), Sharp(3), Tart(4), Savoury(5)

Points = Size + (10 + (1.5 * Quality)) + (5 * Taste)

At the end of the event (this ends the last day of August for collecting, but can be turned in until the 10th of September) you will want to turn in the best piece of fruit you have. You can only turn in one piece of golden fruit, so make sure it is the most points on a piece of fruit that you have!

Rewards will be handed out shortly after the 10th of September.

1st Place: 200 ED

2nd Place: 100 ED

3rd Place: 50 ED

Everyone will obtain a participation reward for competing in this event and the top 3 will receive a unique reward.

The turn in chest location will be given later as it nears the end.