Archaeological Digs

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Permit Fragments

The goal to do an archaeological dig is to obtain An Archaeological Dig Permit. The first step to obtaining this permit is to collect 6 different Permit Fragments. Which can be obtained sometimes from these 6 peerless bosses.

Permit Fragment Peerless Boss
Top Left Fragments of a Permit Bakunawa
Top Right Fragments of a Permit Spectre Queen
Middle Left Fragments of a Permit Mola Ram
Middle Right Fragments of a Permit Emile Belloq
Bottom Left Fragments of a Permit Supreme Lich
Bottom Right Fragments of a Permit Varos

Permit Clerk

Once you have the 6 permit fragments you can go talk to Julie The Archaeological Permit Clerk, who can be found at Skins n' Stuff in Arborlon.

Permit Clerk Location

Julie The Archaeological Permit Clerk

Skins n' Stuff



Julie will take the fragments and give you An Archaeological Dig Permit.

Archaeological Dig Site

When you have the permit you have the option to open the permit which locks to your player, or sell the permit before you open it. Opened permits cannot be traded or sold or opened by anyone but the permit holder.

NOTE: You will need 150 Forensics to claim a Permit for your character. This is not to obtain the permit but to open the permit.

The permit will give you a location where you have a permit to add a dig site.

When you find the dig site area, providing another dig is not going on, you can set up your dig site with the menu in the Gump given, or the context menu.

You will need two tools with uses to use a dig site. You will need Archaeologist's Field Tools and an Archaeologist's Trowel. These tools can be crafted in the tinkering menu or obtained in larger uses in Taxidermy BODs.

When you open the dig site you will find piles of unsearched soil. To clear out the soil you will need the field tools inside your pack and double-click the soil. This will give you a gump with a mini-game to clear the area. You will need to clear all the soil before you can look for finds. Clearing the soil will reveal a piece of Dinosaur bones in the dig site.

Once you have the soil cleared away you can click on the dinosaur bones while having a trowel with uses in your pack. This will trowel the bone spot for any items. When a bone source is empty, that bone will disappear.

Some artifacts will come unidentified. You will need to identify them before you can wear/use/buy/trade/sell them. To do this you will need Archaeologist's Tools which can be found in dungeon chests.

NOTE: You will need 150 Item Identification to identify the items with the Archaeologist's Tools.

When you are finished with all your bones or at any time you wish to end. You can click on the fencing around the dig site and select to remove. This will end the dig.

Dig Sites have a timer of 2 hours to finish before they automatically delete.


There is a large amount of deco/gear/weapon artifacts that can be obtained from this system some old from the old Archaeology system and a lot new. More information will follow at a later date.