An Occasional Tradition

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To start this quest you will need to seek out Brom The Treasure Hunter at The Jhelom Bank and Jeweler, in Jhelom, Trammel.

This quest requires an item/items from other quests on the server.

Quest Giver Location
Brom The Treasure Hunter

Brom The Treasure Hunter

Jhelom Bank and Jeweler

171° 28'N, 0° 25'W


The first thing asked for is a Golden Skull Golden Skull which can be found by killing the bone daemon and double-clicking their corpse after turning in 1000 daemon bones to Victoria in Doom.

Next you will need to obtain 10 Obsidian Shard Obsidian Shards from killing Obsidian Elemental Obsidian Elementals. To find these monsters you must use a Diamond Pickaxe Diamond Pickaxe in faraan. You can obtain a Diamond Pickaxe from The Farmer's Aid quest.

The last item you need to collect is 10 Ethereal Powder Ethereal Powder. You can find randomly by cutting the corpses of The Annoying Thing Annoying Things. These monsters can be found randomly around Faraan.

Once you have collected all the items needed return to Brom with the items and he will reward you with a reward bag that contains Tunnerupine Tunnerupine. This item is a one-time use item that can refill a throwing item's charges.