2024 Changelog

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January 28, 2024

  • FIXED: Fixed Countdown to Christmas item to properly state time until Christmas after or on Christmas.
  • ADDED: Added in a new Peerless Boss Leaderboard that will go up in Town Center. This will reset every 6 months and display the top 5 for total peerless killed and individual bosses in the menu.
  • FIXED: Fixed a bug in mining that let you get ore for the zodiac quest on the wrong facet.
  • ADDED: Added in a new Quest List Bag that holds your quest lists. This ONLY holds quest lists and acts the same as a quest item and cannot be sold/traded/put into non-appropriate containers/on the ground. This item takes up 1 slot and holds all quest lists inside without taking up added backpack slots. This will be for sale on the Gold Vendor later today.
  • ADDED: Added an option in the [Stats menu for training crafting skills afk. You can set this on and off in your [stats menu. This will not allow you to get the items crafted but will delete them on craft. There is a 10-minute wait to turn back on or off.


February 24, 2024

  • CHANGED: The Blighted Grove altars for Lady Melisande have been updated to the new Altar system.
  • FIXED: Fixed the issue with Lady Mel and summoning party members to fight.
  • ADDED: Added in the Fisherman set to have random drops in SOS, Water Tentacle and the Lochness Monster.
  • ADDED: Added in random locations that will spawn plants on the ground resulting in gathering as if from a seed in house. These have a small chance to instead drop a seed. The items will drop and need a respawn after picked.
  • CHANGED: Garden Sheds containers will now count as normal containers on the house storage limit.
  • CHANGED: The Twisted Weald altar for Dread Horn has been updated to the new Altar system.
  • FIXED: Tattered Wall Maps will craft now in Cartography fixed a bug wanting to consume twice.


March 23, 2024

  • FIXED: The Runic Atlas can no longer have runes moved, renamed or removed when locked down or in a runebook library. They also can no longer be picked up or moved while open. This will match them up with normal runeboks..
  • ADDED: A New quest is added in and should be fully in later tonight. An announcement will come when it is ready. This quest has more collection type rewards.
  • FIXED: Bestiary Books can be accessible when locked down.
  • FIXED: Recalling out of the arborlon pub will now work properly. It will not dismount when Trivia is not going on as well.
  • CHANGE: Carpet piece seller will no longer require you do the quest to buy. Bug prevents that flag from saving, easier to just allow purchase.
  • ADDED: Trial and still needs work. Appearance Change deeds that should work for human/elf gear. Some things as of now will not work like quivers and light shields.


May 12, 2024

  • CHANGE: Buying items off vendor will no longer block if overweight.
  • ADDED: Added in throwing daggers, cleavers and hatchets. These are usable by humans. They can be crafted in the blacksmith system or found as monster loot.
  • ADDED: Throwing Weapons are now in the Weapon Type Change Deeds. They also should work when used as the base for Weapon Appearance Change Deeds.
  • ADDED: Added in new think when checking balance in the store areas in Town Center.


June 27, 2024

  • ADDED: Added a new function to have a gump to set pricing on items on Player Vendors. Can set on/off on page 4 of [Stats menu.
  • FIXED: Fixed issues with [myboats command never-ending sending gump and not closing without a logout;
  • CHANGED: Wallpapers can be dyed. This may not stay. But it might.
  • CHANGED: Changes and Bug fixes for salvage bags. Merged carpentry and fletching to one setting and fixed some other issues.
  • CHANGED: Silver should stay on weapons and spellbooks after save and will still expire at 2 hrs from put on.
  • ADDED: Added a few new achievements, more will come soon.


July 6, 2024

  • CHANGED: Only one runic atlas gump can be open at a time. The previous opened will close on opening new book.
  • CHANGED: Tailor Keys should hold dark and light yarn now. All previous stored yarn is now in the Light Yarn.
  • ADDED: New System put in for testing. Should be released by Monday. Updates to follow later.
  • FIXED: Quest in new player area gives correct gold reward now.
  • FIXED: Paragon Chests should no longer give advanced monster contracts when not obtained from Paragons. And a 60 percent chance on Paragons.
  • ADDED: Added in a new staff random event for testing later this weekend.
  • CHANGED: The Vet Champ is removed for a bit before being replaced in a new area.
  • FIXED: Luck now shows luck on status bar when equipped from Fishing Pole.