2023 Changelog

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December 17, 2023

  • CHANGED: The Farming System has completely changed. The wiki will made for it tonight. The old farm system crops will be removed on Tuesday.
  • FIXED: Fixed bug with the ring of the undead not adding debuffs after a restart when previously equipped.
  • CHANGED: Note change in rules on the wiki and main rules page for an update on using items/add-ons outside of the house to block house placements without having any decoration purpose. Removal will come without notice and items will not be recoverable.
  • FIXED: Treasure Map Barrels should work properly when locked down and double-clicked again.
  • FIXED: Fixed bug with growable crop timer checks.

December 30, 2023

  • CHANGED: Gold Showers at seasonal champion spawns will be changed to the normal champion spawn system based on dmg given.
  • CHANGED: Quest lists will now have an Add Item button inside the gump that must target items to add. The Context Menu Add has been removed.
  • CHANGED: Town Crier messages should now only go off on 1 save per hour.
  • CHANGED: Some quests currently and more in the future have switched to the new Quest List system. Upon logging in if you had a quest you will be given your quest list into your pack for the quests you were on that were changed and the progress updated in the list.
  • FIXED: Fixed crash with trying to trade non-customizable houses.


November 12, 2023

  • FIXED: The bug with secured chests/mailboxes being accessible outside of houses by anyone has been fixed.
  • FIXED: Lava Lobster Traps should now sit in a metallic gold color.
  • FIXED: Having a ship rune as the default in a runebook should work now when recall or sacred journey is being used on the runebook.
  • UPDATE: Pet Shrink Items have a setting now to show what skill is needed in taming to unshrink.
  • UPDATE: Added Scribe's Scroll Case to Inscription Bulk Order Deed Rewards. This is for in-house only storage of scrolls/full spellbook pens.
  • CHANGED: House signposts can be removed in the house customization menu and re-added in.
  • CHANGED: House Sign Hangers can be removed and re-added in the house customization menu.
  • CHANGED: House Signs can be moved into a house you own within 300 tiles and on the same map as the house. When lowering or raising a house or customizing, however, the sign will return and need to be moved again.
  • CHANGED: Changed how [buylostitems works and pricing works. The Ability to delete the items is available. Lost Item bags of players will now be deleted once they hit 31 days of no buyback, even if the items have been inside less than that.


October 16, 2023

  • CHANGED: Cutting Humanoid Corpses will result in the body parts going into the corpse instead of on the ground.
  • UPDATED: The Haunted Mansion Turn-in barrel should not take all the boss reward items.
  • NEW: A few New Mobs have been introduced with random spawn locations, facets, and timers for Organic Material.
  • CHANGED: Wearing costumes should result in mount speed for walking and running.
  • CHANGED: A change has taken place with a lot of dungeon entrance teleporters, this might take a while to fully update, send a page with issues.


September 15, 2023

  • CHANGED: Digging on dirt now will have the chance at soil samples again.
  • ADDED: Added a new system for fall events. This is a minor-timed event.
  • CHANGED: Taxidermy Kits will no longer work in the Library or Temple of Doom. If any other full/increased spawn rate places are still on the page.
  • FIXED: Fixed the loot table for gold in Taxidermy/Taming/Plant BODs.
  • UPDATE: The Grand Auction will take place on the 23rd and 24th of September. Each day shortly after the day's restart.
  • FIXED: Fixed bug with telekinesis and chests in Farran.
  • UPDATE: Put clay into the miner's keys.

September 25, 2023

  • REVERT: Chests reverted.
  • CHANGED: AFK CHECK Timer and Chances increase. More diff styles of checks to come soon.
  • CHANGED: Manual AFK to happen more frequently.
  • CHANGED: Some activities may not be active while being afk checked like looting some things, fighting, etc.
  • CHANGED: AFK Path Check removed from checks. New Find Card AFK Check put in place.
  • CHANGED: Path puzzle has been added to higher tier chests to do on lockpick. Failing path will require you to pick attempt again.


August 09, 2023

  • ADDED: Bio Transcendence books are now in bod rewards.
  • CHANGED: World teleporters no longer work in Shadowguard to stop bug with character getting stuck in queues or movement being stopped.
  • FIXED: Fixed issue with small bods for some reason throwing out a lot of the bod entries.
  • FIXED: Unlock will fill chests like lockpicks on level 1 and 0 tmap chests.
  • FIXED: Large Taxidermy BODs will now give gold and tokens on turn-in.
  • FIXED: Fixed minor issue with Large Taxidermy BODs with ogre and ogre lord adding.
  • CHANGED: Oyster Fishing Fish Tanks should now show tops in houses once redeeded and placed again.

August 30, 2023

  • REMOVED: Soil Sample Talismans have been removed from Plant BODs.
  • ADDED: New Event is in [Events which starts on Saturday server time. It will last 3 days.
  • CHANGED: Digging on dirt now will give diff forms of clay. This can be used in the new Pottery Crafting.
  • ADDED: New crafting system for pottery is now in. You can make a pottery table in the tinkering menu.


June 02, 2023

  • UPDATE: Our Client has had some files inside updated. Use [Checkupdate to check if you are up to date or not.
  • FIXED: Gargoyle 200-page books should no longer crash our Custom CUO client when updated to the new version.
  • UPDATE: Player Vendor Sales History now has a reverse button to reverse the order of history.
  • CHANGED: Guild Chat/Alliance Chat ([g and [a) have had their settings changed to send in align with standard Guild Chat and Alliance Chats.
  • UPDATE: [MyStuff Command should now find items in moving crates.
  • FIXED: Plant Tending Tools should work now on raised garden plants.
  • ADDED: Added in Taxidermy Kits to tinker tools.
  • ADDED: Added about 80 new mobiles that can be taxidermied.
  • CHANGED: Put in Null checks for some mobs that caused a crash.

June 14, 2023

  • FIXED: Clothing Bless Deeds should work on the taming/lore/vet gear.
  • FIXED: Monster Contracts should now work in ilshenar towns that are not guarded.
  • ADDED: Added zero slot forest ostard to ED store.
  • FIXED: Issue with soil sample talisman.
  • ADDED: Added new Edge items to yard wand with their own tab. Also added new items to Sand and Ground sections.
  • ADDED: Added new Edge items to winter yard wand with their own tab.

June 29, 2023

  • CHANGED: Changed how Faraan dungeon chests decide when to send a monster.
  • FIXED: Potter World Bosses should only do gold showers, fixing out-of-bounds drops.
  • FIXED: Fishing Poles always equip even from the ground, and will not work if not movable.
  • CHANGED: The [Stats gump has changed to a new gump. Few changes and a few minor things added to it.


May 19, 2023

  • CHANGED: Plantable Soil yard wand itemids now can only be removed with the sell option context menu.
  • CHANGED: Faraan Dungeon Chests will no longer allow certain spells to help aid in speedily getting the hard bonuses without danger.
  • CHANGED: Changed how disguise kits block during combat.


April 07, 2023

  • UPDATE: Vendor search should allow for Free items to be shown now.
  • UPDATE: Sweet Dough should not be craftable in exceptional quality.
  • UPDATE: Pack Llamas, Pack Horses, Ridable Pack Llamas, and Mules should not drop packs if the item inside is only a base book.
  • UPDATE: Fixed some issues in Vendor search with Commodity deeds.
  • UPDATE: Level items cannot have pts spent when they are not movable.
  • UPDATE: Changed the Rewards gump for bods to not have words over the edge.

April 14, 2023

  • CHANGED: Housing can no longer be placed within 7 tiles of the static world teleporters.
  • CHANGED: Public Moongate areas are no longer guarded zones.
  • CHANGING: The house placement rules, movement of house items and yard wand items are changing. Keep updated later on the wiki.
  • CHANGED: All Music Gears should work on both Dawn's Music Boxes.
  • CHANGED: Yard Wand Tree leaves in menu are now visible in desolate seasons.
  • CHANGED: Enchanted Grove leaves on tree are visible in desolate seasons.
  • CHANGED: You can no longer place items into a container that is inside a trash 4 tokens backpack.

April 30, 2023

  • CHANGED: Crops should show properties and be able to see using Ctrl-Shift.
  • CHANGED: When Dropping house NPC the wearables should now shoot to the bank in a backpack.
  • CHANGED: The Hue Room Hue Displays now have a menu when you double-click them before selecting to preview or use (which charges).


March 09, 2023

  • UPDATE: We have patched our client to a new custom version. Type [checkupdate to see if you need to patch.
  • FIXED: Fixed error in Town Center Barkeep to now be set to Arborlon.
  • UPDATE: The Eventine Dollar Store will now only work in the Town Center region.

March 13, 2023

  • UPDATE: You can now pay and unmerge your karate belt or legendary bracelet of binding from the context menu while in your backpack.
  • UPDATE: You can set your legendary bracelet of binding to allow travel to or block travel to with context menus.

March 28, 2023

  • UPDATE: Seed Boxes should now tell you the color and type of seed you are putting in.
  • ADDED: Added in Commands [Wiki and [UOGuide to open a web browser to those sites.
  • FIXED: Polar bears should again give the zodiac quest item.
  • CHANGED: Added buttons to move runes up and down in list in Runic Atlas.


February 06, 2023

  • CHANGED: Boats will now stop if you log out while they are moving if you own the boat.
  • CHANGED: Testing gauntlet and secret gauntlet failure on door checks will remove your gauntlet points progress for artifact. This may change back to ejection and 30 minute delay of return at any time.
  • CHANGED: Decoration Contest Houses cannot be edited between the 1st and 10th of the months when they are to be voted on. Have your house done by then.
  • FIXED: Dragon Slayer works on Frost Drakes now.
  • FIXED: Fixed crash in canceling trade orders in the city loyalty system.
  • FIXED: Fixed bug in keys that was getting past the block on adding items from trash bags.


January 26, 2023

  • FIXED: bug with Spectre Queen and being able to summon when one is active. Can no longer do so.
  • CHANGED: Bakunawa will now use the new peerless system and altar.
  • CHANGED: Having any afk fail tiers will result in not being able to progress in the Zodiac Quest.

January 14, 2023

  • FIXED: Fixed bug in [myperks for recruiter point spending.
  • FIXED: Fixed bug in Video Poker that pays out full on one pair. Should be now paying half as intended.
  • CHANGED: Animals with pet trait special attacks that are present will show on mouse over, and on mouse over of shrink items.

January 09, 2023

  • CHANGED: Testing Guard Command to attack when attacking mobs. This is a test and could be taken out. AFK failures on fighitng will result in pets not responding after 2 fails.
  • UPDATED: The [events gump has been updated for January.