2022 Changelog

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May 11, 2022

  • CHANGED: Daily Rares will now spawn in a few random locations each instead of just one location.
  • ADDED: Added in Orc Brute and Titan to World Boss List. Will add more later when have more time.
  • ADDED: Added in new town for Town Invasions. Mistas in Ilshenar. This can be accessed by staff and players.
  • FIXED: Bug in taming quest animals keeping follower count.
  • FIXED: Gold Bar Casts should now be able to release with menu again.
  • ADDED: Storage books should now all have a 'price all' option.

May 22, 2022

  • FIXED: Yard wand and Interior Decorators should now work properly with all prebuilt housing.
  • CHANGED: Changes to the yard wand gump. It will now look different. This is to make way for more changes in the future.
  • CHANGED: Stairs, Water, Lava, Swamp, Rocks, and Flowers on Yard Wand Gump now have a better UI for use.
  • CHANGED: Changed exploitation in Shadowguard for leveling.
  • FIXED: Fixed remove night sight deed to remove night sight.


April 3, 2022

  • CHANGED: Lord Oaks Champion Spawn has changed. It will run on a random timer and when time to spawn will spawn at the next champion spawn to go active. Skull will give out no matter the facet for this Oaks.
  • ADDED: New Deco Room Vendors will be added later today. I will announce after they are setup.
  • ADDED: Can now also search in Pet Powerscroll Books, Recipe Scroll Books, Max Stat Books and BOD Books in the vendor search.
  • ADDED: Player Vendors can now change the backpack-type for a price of 100k to be able to change, then can swap between backpack, metal chest and the wooden chest. This will change the pack when opened.
  • ADDED: New Treasure Map Book can be made with inscription by obtaining a recipe from higher end treasure map chests. This can have pens added as uses to the book to decode maps and add better references in the book.
  • CHANGE: Changes to Cartographer's Magic Pen. Using the pen on a treasure map will now flag the map itself and use a context menu to view the map notes.
  • CHANGE: Vendor search will now save your storage book settings.

April 13, 2022

  • CHANGED: Can no longer throw certain easter reward items on the ground in the Town center or new player areas.
  • FIXED: Wrapped seasonal items can now be bought from a player vendor.
  • FIXED: Trash bag confirmation gumps will not properly delete items before and after drop if is over 50 items. (quick fix later will adjust to not allow if goes over).
  • FIXED: Fixed fault in t-map books when dropping non-decoded maps.
  • Changed: Saves have changed to every hour instead of every thirty minutes.
  • ADDED: Added in [ChangePassword command to change your password.

April 20, 2022

  • CHANGED: Yard wand sand added from now on will no longer show properties and glow yellow when hovering over. To fix you will have to replace all old yard wand sand.
  • CHANGED: Test on players over 60 days allowed into new player champ to help, they will obtain no gold/tokens/xp/ps. This is purely to help new players out.
  • CHANGED: Resists on armor should accurately be counted for sending items to the new player donation box.
  • CHANGED: A turnable addon deed can now turn by single-clicking deed and selecting turn when in your pack.
  • CHANGED: Made a few changes to steal all areas, will test later today. No mounts or pets are allowed. No footprints showing.
  • FIXED: Fixed typo in Easter Bunny Disguise Kits.
  • FIXED: Fixed holiday flames hues on old Christmas flame that could still dye to be their colors and can no longer dye them.
  • FIXED: Changes to Zipactriotl and how they do their specials should hopefully stop that random crash on death.

April 24, 2022

  • FIXED: Dropping quest items into locked down containers should no longer lock items down in pack when denying.
  • FIXED: Gold Bar Cast should give the option to empty now if has something in to help with switching for the Taurus quest.
  • CHANGED: Added more deco choices into the Player World Boss Token and the Invasion token as well as the purchasable event gift box.
  • CHANGED: Runes marked in houses should now be able to be labeled.
  • CHANGED: The Bury Treasure Pirate quest should no longer error out when walking to the dig location needed. Complete rewrite.


March 4, 2022

  • Fixed: Quest Fishing Poles and Quest Potato Seeds should no be able to go into quest item stronger box.
  • Fixed: Crystal Ball of Knowledge.
  • ADDED: Staff AFk Pass Certificates that will be handed out when passing staff afk checks.
  • ADDED: Staff AFK Pass Book to hold certificates and show how many obtained. May have future use. This can be made in inscription and requires a recipe which can be obtained rarely on Mola Ram in the Temple of Doom setting. NOTE: They can only hold your certifications and set to player on first add.
  • Fixed: Quest Item Stronger Box can no longer be locked down only secured.
  • Fixed: Tunnerupine works on cupid's quivers.
  • Fixed: St pattys food stacking that should not stack. If you have a stack that needs separating send a page to get seperated.
  • Fixed: Separating items that are stackable from quests will apply date properly now.
  • Fixed: Separating items that are stackable will apply bonus lines properly now.
  • Fixed: Stacking items will now also check date before stacking items. (Seasonal items had a bug to allow stacking 2019 to 2020 and removing 2020 or 2019 date).
  • ATTEMPT: Fixing Boats to keep name and engine properly when placing. Sometimes a boat can lose its name, hopefully fixes issues.
  • Fixed: Boats will now always keep their speed on re placing after being dry docked.

March 15, 2022

  • Changed: Gold panning in non-deep water has changed.
  • Changed: Wash Plant Adjusted on how it decides what gold panning item to produce.
  • Added: New Player Recruitment System. Will get the wiki information on this later this weekend.
  • Vote: UO Gateway has been added back into the voting system.
  • Fixed: Weapons with double shot that get set to a custom special over should now work properly.
  • Fixed: Garlic seed only will be on sale 1 time in vendors now to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed: Wheat seed only shows once in seed keys.

March 19, 2022

  • FIXED: Metal Container Engraving Tool will now work on Stronger Boxes and Nefarious Chests.
  • FIXED: Pi Day Apples should all stack properly now.
  • FIXED: Retouching Tool now shows properly veteran month (says 11 month instead of 11 year).
  • ADDED: House Bank Deed. Lets you bank from the house deed used in.
  • CHANGED: Sales of items for 5k and under do not charge a sale fee on vendors. (This amount could change at anytime).
  • FIXED: Scrolls of Transcendence will no longer hinder a container from being lifted.
  • FIXED: Handyman Suit should properly show skills in alphabetical order.
  • FIXED: Pets with Extreme Loyalty will travel with recall/sacred journey.
  • ADDED: Added in a bunch of vendors into the deco room with some random standard addons. Plan to add more custom later on as well.
  • FIXED: Arcane Cicle should now give the bonus str with mastery level of spellweaving when set.
  • UPDATE: Updated how corpses are handled with [buylostcorpse. It will now move the corpse to you instead of give you a box full of your stuff.
  • UPDATE: Pricing on buylostcorpse has been set to 35k regardless of item count except near khaldun faraan, still 100k. This does not affect new players still free until 45 days.
  • UPDATE: Pricing on corpse stones have been set to 25k except near khaldun faraan, still 60k in dungeon or if corpse is in dungeon. This does not affect new players still free until 45 days.

March 26, 2022

  • UPDATE: Bulk Order Books can now have settings set to deny a bod going in. All books can be set to Size, Amount and Status. Crafting Bod Books (regular) can also be set by Skill. You can set these by single clicking the book and selecting Options.
  • UPDATE: Bulk Order Books can now add from your pack to the book by single clicking the book and selecting fill from backpack.
  • ADDED: Added new items in deco room just some statues with flowers.
  • UPDATE: Changed Tool Keys gump to have 4 columns instead of 3.
  • FIXED: Z axis on corpse stone check now actually works properly.
  • FIXED: Tokuno Water house from Auction is no longer deep water.
  • FIXED: Belt Packs can now be found in Vendor Search.
  • ADDED/TEST: Vendor search can now search in a few storage books. To turn on and off can use buttons on right, or click on the Storage Book button on left to add/remove.


February 2, 2022

  • Changes to AFK timers. Fighting will not be 2 minutes rest will be 1 minute. this can change at any time in the future.
  • Added in token for players to be able to host a town invasion. They will be able to pick a graphic out of the pre-approved graphics to make a deco item for the hosted event. Should go out later today.
  • Removed doubled material showing on Large Bod tooltips.
  • Added Context Menu 'achievements' to players to see players' achievements or your own.
  • Fixed typo in swamp digging shovels.
  • Added in delay z-axis set on a house to house gates to hopefully lower chances of getting stuck in the floor.

February 26, 2022

  • Fixed bug with leveling weapons xp when gaining more than one level at once.
  • Fixed bug with Sir Francis Drake not poofing after 90 minutes on an abandoned fight, thus kicking player out when they enter.
  • Adjusted bee hive checker to check for all houses for beehive checks. Can only have a total of 25 bee hives per account.
  • Fixed issue with cloaks and shrouds that are itemid changed to show stats properly.
  • Fixed champ gump to update on every level instead of just going up.
  • Fixed plague spawn at champs to update loot settings with rest of spawn.


January 11, 2022

  • Fixed typo in Shadowguard apples.
  • Bulk Order Books should now show the points for each Bulk Order Deed stored in them. If any are off send a page so we can fix it.
  • Contest houses should let you change house sign now.
  • Fixed a few typos in Archaeology stuff.
  • Update fix for crash with peerless keys.
  • [c will open chat window again.
  • House addons should place without a check for ceilings/floors above.
  • House addons should always replace back to where they were after customizing.

January 14, 2022

  • New Adjustment to packet sends. This could again go horribly wrong and require a restart. Expect slight lag when loading large areas such as big housing areas. Little spikes on player.
  • Turned weather back on.
  • Pet animations and sound turned back on with house trainers.
  • Fixed beehive fault. Beehives are now correctly limited to 25 hives.
  • Fixed fault in beehives not sending afk check.
  • Advanced Interior Decorator should now work moving out into your yard, and back into yard providing items are locked down or addons placed in the specific house.

January 19, 2022

  • Retired the old Daily Rares added in new ones.
  • Most bod reward tooltips should show up what they are labeled now.
  • Changed order on handyman suits for skill labeling.
  • Stealing Contract Book, Item Contract Book, Alacrity Book, Masteries Book, PS Book, Transcendence Books, Monster Contract Book can be sorted A-Z or Z-A by selecting on filters page.
  • Stealing Contract Book, Alacrity Book, Masteries Book, PS Book, Transcendence Books, Monster Contract Book can be searched by selecting on filters page.
  • Bulk Order books now have the search settings on them. (NOTE: using A to Z or Z to A will auto revert you to only small bods in the filter).

January 24, 2022

  • Fixed crash bug with using the normal wood belt from bods to obtain normal wood on normal wood veins.
  • Fixed fault in zodiac quest date check. Slightly also adjusted swamp dig percent check.
  • Dirt digging will now only give soil samples on Golgothan corpses. These mobs sometimes can spawn when digging dirt while not in a guarded area (towns and anywhere where the guards can be called will never spawn these). If you have any afk fails for resources you also will fail to pull a monster up.
  • Doing any archaeology or dirt-digging, or washing will change the time in afk check to 1 minute instead of the 5 for all other checks.
  • Changing how Champion Spawns react to tier lowering, instead of ending after 3 lowers, they will lower gold count at the end and on mobs, as well as lower xp per lowered tier, and end after 10 lowers. (Vet Champion Spawn will still end at its normal).
  • Added in third afk check Gump into the random mix. Will update the wiki shortly.
  • If taking items out of keys and a few other things and drop to the ground they hold the 30-second pick-up lock timer.

January 28, 2022

  • Changes to Archaeology. Will update a wiki when the system is finished with tweaking. Normal digging will no longer pull a Golgothan. Town digging will still no longer give Samples. Any failure to any afk resource gathering will result in not being able to use the system. If failing any sort of afk check done by staff will also have tiers added and be unable to use the system.
  • Having an AFK resource fail will fail to pull any elementals with gargoyle tools.
  • Fixed typo in Gravedigger and Swamp digger shovels.
  • Changed Spectre Queen to the new Peerless System. Should now work better. Any errors let me know for fixing.
  • Fixed items dropping to the ground from mobs to no longer have a wait timer for lifting.
  • Added new quest 'The Archaeologist' in. Quest will start by talking to Philip Harding The Archaeologist at the pub in Lord British's Castle in Trammel.
  • Added confirmation teleporter exit from Frankenstein boss fight.
  • Changed Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark boss teleporter to a confirmation teleporter for exit during battle.
  • Fixed bug in timer on Spectre Queen Battle.
  • Fixed Ethereal Retouching Tool.