2021 Changelog

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May 7, 2021

  • Artifact Rarity searching on the vendor search should work again.
  • Fixed bugs with Percival pulling wrong quest task from quest pool.
  • Added in fully functional Ankh Deed for house to house NPC vendor in the eventine dollar room.
  • Added in weaver contract to house NPC vendor in the eventine dollar room.
  • Fixed bug in alchemy bod point system for lbods on the top tier.
  • Added in body change deeds for House NPCs. This does not work on player vendors on House NPCS and House Trainers.
  • Final fixes hopefully to Gaia Summoning Barrel. Now, if Gaia is summoned but players have abandoned it, it will bring the person to double click and their party free of charge to finish the boss off. This should help with delays.
  • RA The Sun God summoning has been set to moving only player and party instead of a gate.
  • The Supreme Lich summoning has been set to moving only player and party instead of a gate.
  • At champs can check champion level with command [ChampLevel . this will bring up a gump if active with how many skulls there are. (will revert to 0 of both when champ has spawned).
  • House NPCs should no longer get booted from the house when making a house private.


April 3, 2021

  • Spellbooks can now have resists. Can be added only right now via the leveling menu.
  • Quick temp fix for cloak layer items only giving str after restart until unequip and reequip.
  • Revamp and bug fixes on vendor search. Should not crash anymore. (theory)
  • Using the vendor search will now search commodity deeds.
  • Using the vendor search can now find shrunk pets based on type (catalan search will find catalan dragons).
  • Can search Auction Safes now. All auction safes were deleted and need to be re placed.
  • Added Charges Property List to Greater and Legendary bracelets of binding.
  • Traveling to Faraan will now cost 5 Charges instead of 1.
  • Mining and Arms Lore Powerscrolls added to Bod Rewards. Both are on Blacksmithing, Mining is also on tinkering.
  • Adjustment to Virtuebane boss to avoid crash.


March 20, 2021

  • Fixed Champ artifact rewards for St Patrick's Champ.
  • Fixed ranges on some quest items and npcs for talking/double-clicking.
  • Fixed issue with Armor of Crafting now repairing.
  • Added in 2 NPC you can talk to to see the poof ball effects.
  • Teleporting to or near items in the quest will no longer work. This may be permanent or sit as a temp fix.
  • Removed hues from afk check gump on items. They will now move around in their boxes.
  • Added a secondary afk check that will put an item somewhere in the box on right and ask you to select the correct name in the check box to pass.
  • Fixed crash issue when staff tries to drop a furniture item that can change directions on the ground.
  • Fixed bug in House NPCS pertaining to linked houses.
  • Fixed hue for molten silver footprints. Will be the correct hue now.
  • Fixed crystal portal to take to Town Center instead of old Town Center.
  • Turning Stronger boxes will cycle through all 4 boxes, 2 Graphics in each direction.


February 06, 2021

  • Added in a bunch of things for new Valentine events.
  • Arrows will no longer be consumed on house trainers.
  • Fixed bug with arrows getting back off trainers on a miss.
  • Fixed issue with being able to use stuck menu when piloting a boat.
  • Cast will fail if more than one enchanted grove or mana spring in world boss areas. Take note.
  • Throwing quest items on the ground will result in them being deleted.
  • Fixed issues with Vday boss special attack.
  • Small attempt and beta at helping lower end pcs with lag. Unsure how this will play out so is a test.
  • Added new setting in [stats Gump. Can now block guild PVP. This will not let you fight with guild members, or they attack you. or your pets. Abuse of this to attack a guild member can result in this having an additional timer added on to change.
  • Slight change to afk checks. This is a test. The items are now randomly hued. But the answer setting is still the same.
  • Moved tailoring repair kit to Miscellaneous tab.

February 22, 2021

  • Added in new Werewolf Encounter. Wiki will have information hopefully sometime today.
  • Added in Add 1 Player to House Trainer Deeds. They will cost 100 ED. Can max at 5 Additional players to 1 House Trainer.
  • Set vendors to drop on saves when not restocked within 30 days instead of on contracts weekly check.
  • Fixed issue with Silver Melting Bowls working in-house for owners.
  • Fixed bug that let wash plants rune while in the Resource gathering punishment period.
  • Change on how some packets are handled and sent. Hope to fix some other issues with this.
  • Cannot use [claim or [claimall at champ spawns or world boss locations.
  • Few adjustments to limit trees to 2 at champ spawns mana spring to 1 and teleporting disabled. This will help reduce some lag.

February 28, 2021

  • Changed how some resources get handled from failing AFK checks. Chances to get lower or no resources can occur with failed AFK check tiers and progress with them.
  • Prices on NPC Vendors increase price based on AFK resource tiers.
  • Fixed issue with Master Keys when having no keys inside yet randomly crashing on creation when trying to access fill option.
  • Added new vote site in [vote menu. This is a newer portal run by some from ServUO and is in testing phases.
  • Fixed bug where using spells on werewolf would work. No longer works. An error was set in the code.
  • Fixed bug where using spells would keep full XP on weapons when killing mobs. This has been fixed to decrease XP by 5 on all spells instead of working on casted areas. This does not affect hit spells on weapons.
  • Fixed issues with altering base-ranged items for velocity and balanced attributes.
  • Gold at Champs now handles based on Damage overall for the entire champ. Your piles will now also spawn near you and only you can pick up the gold as it will be locked to the character for 5 minutes.
  • Dropping items on the ground will give them a 30-second wait timer before someone else can pick them up.
  • Added a flag to the player once he finishes a werewolf encounter so they cannot do another encounter until the next full moon.


January 03, 2021

  • New Quest like system added. Find Eric the bank auditor later today to begin.
  • Animals with Extreme Loyalty will now show as Bonded to not be as confusing.
  • Fixed bug with Yew Trees on yard wand placing full leaves instead of just one piece.
  • Fixed crash from ab item with range setting allowing null.
  • Moving crate on deco houses, house signs, signposts, foundation changes and sign hangers should now work.
  • Co-Owners can now secure containers in a house but can not change security level or release secured items.

January 23, 2021

  • Fixed crash from trying to shrink pets while using pet balls to shorten timers.
  • Changed house vendors/trainers/personal animal spawners tooltip to say Redeed instead of Remove to turn back into a deed.
  • Gauntlet/Secret Gauntlet teleporter check update. It will let you pass if checked, You have 30 seconds to answer correctly or you will be ejected from the gauntlet. A wrong answer will also eject you. You will also be barred from entering both gauntlets for 3 hrs from the fail time.
  • When a Co-Owner does work on your house. It will now charge you, and not the Co-Owner. It will also do the same on a refund direct to the owner of the house.
  • Updates to City of Dead exploits should be removed.
  • Fixed claim to grab the custom arrows.
  • Dupre's Shields will now repair with blacksmith repair deeds or kits.
  • Weapon Specials weapon Hits will no longer work on House Trainers.
  • Sounds will no longer come from weapons on or from trainers.
  • House Trainer no longer will have buy/sell options as they do not buy/sell anything.