2020 Changelog

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December 5, 2020

  • Advanced Interior Decorator should work better now.
  • Fixed issues with antique attributes when fighting house trainers.
  • Pick your powerscroll deed should now include Arms Lore.
  • Adjustments to Vendor Search Map to allow better functionality.
  • Adding in Seasonal Vendors instead of the Exchange Barrel. This will be updated slowly. The Barrel will still accept items, but will no longer sell items. Each season will have a vendor in the quest area for direct purchase of months tokens. Any month can be bought in TC from a vendor but at a higher price. Also giving seasonal items in season result in 2 tokens instead of 1.
  • Can no longer use Honor Virtue on House Trainers.
  • Fixed issue with quest item not going through.
  • Garland should now work in houses for owners.

December 20, 2020

  • Fixed issues with yardwand and the prebuilt castles, keeps, normal keeps and towers. some still not working yet.
  • Fixed issues with certain engravers not going in keys.
  • Testing timestamp into pms.
  • Relayered jack o lanterns should equip on gargoyles now.
  • Changed how invasions systems handle rewards at the end. Should work a lot better now.
  • Throwing items will no longer break after charges are gone. Will now allow for recharging via an item to be implemented soon.


November 7, 2020

  • Fixed non-customizable houses to be able to have bonus storage via a menu.
  • Fixed Castles with yardlands. Will fix the rest of non-custom houses later in week/next week.
  • Raffles should now use discord bot as well to announce winners.
  • Added in Level 8 'Fiendishly' drawn treasure maps.
  • Added in Random Cartography armor of crafting, can obtain level 5, 6 and 7 Treasure maps.
  • Fixed bugs in Seedbox and Flowers box when using uosteam organizer without check marking stack setting.
  • Fixed bug with armor/weapon/jewelry count for level 8 Treasure maps.
  • Adjustment to champ monsters hp. Should help with corpses with toy crafting items to last longer.

November 16, 2020

  • Update a few deeds to have confirm gumps. (Re-Layer deed, Weapon Type Change Deed and One Handed Deeds).
  • Fixed issue with bank stone addons && house npcs not sending to players bank when they drop their house.
  • Fixed issues with new player announcements happening on older accounts creating new Characters. Will no longer happen.
  • Fixed bug with the auto price sorting in the new vendor stores.
  • Added in Ship Rune ability in harbor masters.
  • Resource crafted anvils should now keep their hue on deed.

November 22, 2020

  • Aucitoner will no longer try to afk check when double clicking. Will also now send the auction list as well.
  • Fixed typos on 3 Fairy Tale items.
  • Added in [MyBoats command. Can help find boats. Cost is 200K to get to boat in Faraan, 60k all other facets.
  • Small fixes to how armor is checked for lowering of durability when fighting trainer or not.
  • Revert Global delays back to default as test on some map changing issues.
  • Fixed bug with keys being able to be placed in corpses.
  • Added in debugging for fishing up SOS. Please message me right away if you have an issue.
  • Added in [MyStuff command. In testing and early stage. Can search for items in your house, bank, player. Must be in your house to use.


October 03, 2020

  • Changed giftstone to a gift vendor.
  • Changed power hour cloak stone to power hour vendor.
  • Fixed issue with it thinking you are trying to trick or treat on any message.
  • Fixed issue with flying in the haunted mansion.
  • Monster corpses in the haunted mansion will now decay faster. 4 minutes to fully decay, with the small amount of loot that should be more than enough time.
  • Added a few rewards to some casino slots. More will come later just had time for a few right now.
  • Can now mark runes in Town Center, New Player Area/Building.
  • Costumes will re-apply when restarts happen.
  • The Scary Move Champion Spawn and the Witch's Brew Halloween Events will now give spooky bucks with the rewards.
  • Update to map files for Halloween haunted mansion. type [Update to see options and instructions for download.

October 10, 2020

  • Added in Headless Horseman boss to Haunted Mansion Area.
  • Updated [Spellbar to have all the proper spell icons for Druid, Cleric, and Spell leveling spells.
  • Halloween Scary Movie Champ should now give ps.
  • Adjusted how looting rights are set. Should help with world bosses and invasion bosses for arties on lower-end players.
  • Halloween Scary Movie Champ should now give reward again bug is fixed.
  • Vendors can now show a display item in front of them. Use the menu to place/remove.
  • Added new Halloween world boss rewards. Will be changing the spawn timer from 12 to 16 hrs to 4 to 8 hrs.
  • Seasonal Champs will no longer need any dmg requirement for getting rewards. Normal champs still will require champ work done.
  • Fixed issues with Carrie giving items in Haunted Mansion. Was not working for the last 24 hrs.
  • Added new rewards to City of the Dead system. Also set to where anyone that did damage in the invasion will get a reward.
  • Changes to Hils the gift giver. Hopefully fixes issues with people being told they got an item.
  • Added Karen the Costume Model in the purchase room that can display as any of the costumes.
  • Fixed fault in jewelry and armor crafting. Should be better with runics again.
  • Added a new dungeon in Farahan. 'The Library'. Is now open. The secret entrance can be found in the Britain Public Library.
  • All seasonal champs should now broadcast when they spawn.

October 25, 2020

  • Fixed issue with lightning arrows and crafting of them. Will now work as intended.
  • Fixed issues with lightning arrows on hits.
  • Fixed City of Dead Region so it does not extend outside of the area.
  • Fixed City of the Dead Bosses to stick together.
  • Added few new haunted mansion rewards.
  • Footprints will stay on after restarts now.
  • Testing Phase: costumes will show up as whatever hue the costume is dyed.
  • Prepping to change/update/transfer the website. Logins can now work also with shard.uoeventine.net
  • Please start using shard.uoeventine.net to connect to the server.
  • Fixed issue with using organizers on seedbox without setting to stack, Will no longer allow and tell u to set to stack.
  • Advanced Archery arrows will no longer auto add to keys when in a bag of holding.


September 06, 2020

  • Fixed bug with champ spawns not issuing gold after time. Was due to other issues that changed.
  • Adjustments to gold in faraan and with long lengths of the same mob/no movement killing.
  • Fixed Soil Sample Talisman to work properly now. Wearing gives a Soil Sample mined as well as the bonus and shot.
  • Fixed Masters Knife to now work properly with Faraan amounts and if wearing a resource belt.
  • Adjustments to how mobs spawn. The goal is better stability.
  • Adjusted Fishing up SOS chest from tram/fel opposed to Faraan.
  • Keys will now try to drop the items you pull out into the pack they are in before defaulting to your main backpack.
  • Fixed bug with houses not removing NPC from the house after it was moved.
  • Bulk Orders will no longer let you turn in with a pending reward.
  • Taming and Plant bod books will no longer let you pull a bod out if your pack is full.
  • Fixed loot drops on mobs that were broken yesterday double dropping.

September 19, 2020

  • Endurance Trial Quest should now give the reason for denial of starting the quest.
  • Fixed issue with spellbooks not leveling off spell hits. Should work the right way now.
  • Fixed Shield bash to work properly for damage rating. Will no longer work with whirlwinding.
  • Fixed bug letting you place enchanted grove trees close to vet champ.
  • Fixed house placement Gump to just say Confirm on placement. Also will not let you use the tool if houses available are 0 or less.
  • Minor fix to champ spawns to ensure if someone leaves a champ or doesn't do enough damage overall at champ/boss will not take away from other players chances. This is a relative setting right now, ensure if u come and do not stay you cannot intentionally thwart someone's chances of what they did work for.
  • Minor change to not allow marking in houses that do not have the marking/recalling turned on.
  • Faraan monsters in most areas now have a chance similar to paragons in ilshenar to spawn as Nefarious. These mobs have their own specific artifacts that can drop. Happy Hunting.
  • Nefarious artifacts can be dropped into the Artifact Exchange Barrel but cannot be claimed from until further notice.
  • Nefarious monsters also have a small chance of dropping recipes to craft special arrows and bolts.


August 01, 2020

  • Fixed typo in druid book.
  • Fixed minor error in one of crafting skill items.
  • Minor adjustments to Vendors in Town Center on dropping requirements. Now must be no checked within 7 days and not restocked.
  • Added new mobs and few items for the next dungeon update for testing.
  • Fixed bug with Royal Hive boots not able to hue when using hue room on them.
  • Fixed issues with Skeleton Keys.
  • Made Co-Owner status for house Trainers to let a Co-Owner add or remove players from trainers.

August 08, 2020

  • Fixed issue with Bag of Holding Merge Deeds sometimes not refusing to merge 1 bag.
  • Testing phase green area in castles can lock stuff down.
  • Minor adjustment to power saves.
  • Minor AFK averting adjustments to XP leveling on monsters.
  • Adjustment to exit range for pets on peerless teleporters.
  • Fixed bug with packets from Razor enhanced when sent with a target as one.
  • Fixes to fix issues with mysticism spells and razor enhanced.
  • Fixed issues with pet leaving peerless boss areas if they were not brought in from use of the boss key.
  • Purchased Druid Books (Tome of Nature) should now come full.
  • Fixed packet workings with Bandage packets being sent with a target by Razor Enhanced. Should work perfectly now.
  • Added in a new system to make it easier to recover pets that delete on release (imprisoned pets, newbie stallion, bios for the future).
  • Adjusted how [Claim works for better functionality.
  • Using [Claim <serial of corpse> can now auto claim that corpse without the need of a target. (this can work nicely with razor enhanced and potentially uosteam unsure if you can obtain serial to set in steam).
  • Daemons should now cut for a small amount of daemonic leather.

August 15, 2020

  • Fixed crash issue from claim with serial.
  • Fixed bug with notoriety and players with fighting restrictions.
  • Added Gump to show message to player that they were disconnected for failing an AFK check.
  • Changes to a few behind the scenes things. Nothing to see here.
  • Fixed bug with harvest maps not always saying right resource that was obtained.
  • Fixed bugs in [spellbar for Mysticism spells. Might need to reset those spells up but works now.
  • Fixed major fault in Jewelry crafting which leads to always having max attribute count no matter what mats or runic tool used.
  • Added Cleric spells to the [spellbar system.
  • Fixed bug of pulling mobs at a champ out of champ area to get karate belt credit.

August 21, 2020

  • Most resource gathering will not AFK check on targetting not when using the tool. This will also allow removing from chopping boards, or addons in house from getting AFK checks.
  • TESTING PHASE: Buying and Selling attempts to NPCS can also now result in an AFK check. People have been saying if u can't AFK get ore, shouldn't be allowed to AFK buy arrows to resell.
  • Crafting Afk checks will now only send check Gump or be told on penalty on crafting items. Will not check while repairing items or looking through the menu in general.
  • Few-Body ID changes for a few mobs to prep for the upcoming patch in October.
  • Corpses will now also be moved with players in RAII, Supreme Lich, and Frankenstein boss battles when the boss is killed.
  • Deaths Scythe will no longer kill tamed creatures or House trainers.
  • Co-Owners can now use a yardwand to place items in a house. Later will add a checkbox to allow it. This will charge the House owner for the placements, and give money back to the owner when removed. NOTE: This will not let them edit older placed tiles.
  • Upon a house being demolished,if the owner demolishes the house, All the yardwand items will be deleted that are attached to that house. Their gold will be refunded to them. However, if Staff remove the house or an IDOC occurs. The yard wand items will become bank checks of their value.
  • Same as above will happen to a personal animal spawner. Will drop to contraction ground if the house is dropped by anyone or system but from the owner. If the owner drops will drop into their backpack.
  • Added Druid spells to [spellbar. If auto-open spell bar is set to open on login. the spellbar should reopen when you resurrect if you have died.
  • Fixed bug with vendors and AFk checks.
  • New players can now use the new player ticket without needing to find someone to use with.
  • New player ticket can now give an account bound ethereal horse. Will be account bound not sellable tradeable.

August 30, 2020

  • Minor adjustment to vendors when deleted unexpectedly.
  • Added new player Raffle table will be set up later today. Will go 15 days and can only be accessed by players under 45 days. (no acceptions. cannot bet once you hit 45 days can still win though)
  • Adjusted the gump in Raffles to show the amount of things like when ED are put on.
  • Fixed bug with jewelry only getting durability sometimes or on exceptional items after a restart. Will always get durability now and not only crafted after restarts. This will go back to all jewelry from the past.
  • This should affect crafting with runics as well for upgraded durability.
  • Fixed issues with jewelry in bulk orders not needing gems. Any bulk orders in books will show gems after pulled out. You will manually have to do that sorry.


July 04, 2020

  • Rewrote shrink items for pets how they show stats. Should in theory stop random crashes.
  • Turned off temp the Peerless alter reset test until can get a few bugs ironed out.
  • Standard peerless wait timer after killing peerless changed to 8 minutes from 15.
  • Temp removed auto account creation. Players will have to email staff to get an account. (this is on for a bit to keep out the harassment players)
  • Added in Frankenstein. To resurrect Frankenstein you will have to figure out the puzzle in the arena north of Doom dungeon. This is a private event mob.
  • If you try to type in world chat within 1 second intervals you will be marked as spam. When spamming world chat You will not be auto squelched and need to page to get the squelched removed in order to talk again.
  • Fixed issue with items stating are deleted (were not deleting just saying they were deleted) when a house is not present.
  • Melisandes Corroded Hatchet will now go over the 120 cap. But the uses will go down when equipped and wood is chopped from a tree, even if not with that hatchet.
  • Changed auto spam detection squelching to 3 spam detects in a day before squelching. So it should only punish those actually doing it.
  • Fixed the Sun champion getting rewards again, Gold shower working, More hp.
  • Changed the gump check-in gauntlet to a 10% chance of being given the gump. If the check is failed in any way, you and your pets will be ejected from the gauntlet.
  • Turned off the justice system with champs and harrowers. Too easy to get free stuff, kinda exploitable, Over.
  • Test Phase of Salvage Bags working on Carpentry and Fletching armor and weapons. This may stay or be removed. Time will tell.
  • Wash Plants should now autorun again after failing to sift an item if there are still mats in the system.

July 10, 2020

  • Fixed Harvest Maps to work properly. Also, the naming will be set right as well.
  • Removed the normal UO chat systems so everyone has to use [c [g or [t now. Will send a message.
  • Made a few adjustments to renaming pets (for future use).
  • Adjustments to Bulk Order Vendors. Should allow u to get pending points now. And Select for banked points. (testing fixes).
  • Spam in guild chat will no longer result in spam punishment.
  • Fixed Auction system to show properties. Should be ready to go later today.
  • Fixed how stealth determines skill gains past 100.
  • Fixed issues with gargish armor and runic kits.
  • Afk Fails will now also result in being disconnected and you will have to log back in.
  • If you own a house trainer or are added to the list on a house trainer, you can get small experience every hit on a weapon.
  • Items with level deeds attached will now show their spending points in the properties. This can help prevent some scam settings.
  • Selling items to a vendor NPC for over 25k will result in a bank check being given instead of dropping gold on the ground.
  • Fixes to Water Tub to no longer craft exceptional thus changing colors. All are reset to hue 0.

July 18, 2020

  • Adjustment to Trainers stable gold checks.
  • Added in Monster Contracts. Can get one every 30 minutes or when turning in completed one. Drop on NPC to turn in. Will be up later today.
  • Added in Bank Box Storage Bonus deeds. Will be in the Donation Reward room later this weekend.
  • [Myhouses command no longer works in Faraan.
  • [Myhouses command now charges 60k to find house instead of 10k.
  • Non-Town Center Player Vendors now have option to add 1 Co-Owner to them. Co-Owners can add items for sale, or remove items. Co-Owners Cannot collect gold from, dismiss or name them. Issues with a co-owner taking items will not be handled by staff. This will be updated on the wiki later as well. Choose one with care.
  • Minor adjustments to Gauntlet and the Secret Gauntlet.
  • Adjustments to Imprisoned Dogs.
  • Other minor staff use item adjustments.
  • Fixed issue with recalling into ra pyramid. Can no longer recall inside the building.
  • Moved Teleporter for Ra Pyramids to near the pyramids.

July 25, 2020

  • Adding in new machines to the training room to train some crafting skills AFK (will take material each attempt to gain skill).
  • Behind scenes fix to World teleporters to not delete locked down ones when removing gates for updates.
  • Harrower fight moved to a specific location/area. Pretty straight forward.
  • . Added in Mountain goat personal spawner, will be on store later today.
  • Tailor keys should not give cut cloth instead of uncut when pulling out of keys.
  • Cutting Uncut cloth will not turn to cut cloth instead of right to bandages.
  • Fixed errors in new craft training items in the Training Room.
  • Added Inscription Cooking, and Alchemy Training items in the Training room.
  • Fixed issue with Pet trying to delete when already deleted when Loyalty runs out, resulting in a crash.
  • There is a 2-second delay between using the crafting training items.
  • Random Typos fixed in a bunch of things.
  • Fixed gold table for tinkering, carpentry and fletching bods.


June 05, 2020

  • Removed the Male Female requirement on gear.
  • Added names to all items on Bulk Order Menus on the right side. (if I missed any let me know)
  • Added Spending points of leveled pets to the Shrink Pet Item so now all stats can be shown for sale purposes.
  • Variable Carpets will now retain their hue from the deed when placing and onto the deed when chopping down.
  • Added a few different carpets to the variable carpet deed.
  • Added gump to confirm removing variable carpet addon when chopping. This may be added to all addons in the future. Uncertain.
  • Daemons will now drop raw daemon ribs when carved. This is limited to a few daemon types. They can be cooked into Daemon Ribs and will have more use in the future.
  • Using Discordance on a Taming Horse can now get skill gains.
  • Added in new Poison and Cure Potion. Nightbane(Poison) and Mithridate(Cure) Wiki will explain later. Not much use yet. As only cure potion recipe will be obtainable at this moment.
  • Recipe for Mithridate cure potion will be on the Ancient Vampires as a rare drop. (separate from the cloak and shroud drops).
  • Gargoyles should be able to wear relayered lanterns now.
  • Fixed Bug with Completed Staff of Ra not turning Flag off after summoning miniboss.
  • Fixed relayer light sources. Can now turn on and off while in hand. Do not need to be in pack only to turn on.
  • Fixed minor error in shield relayering for gargoyles.
  • Fixed crash in player trying to get a pet to gain XP on trainer with afk violations.

June 12, 2020

  • Some weapons have been adjusted to work without needing altering. Will change its ID based on Race. They will be labeled if they can. this is a new test that will be going on and potentially more items updated.
  • Fixed issue with pets not getting xp on trainers.
  • Few fixes for some errors in altering with quivers or pack belts.
  • Fixed issues with RA Sceptor changing dmg on equips.
  • Update to Mini Champ code. Should no longer stall out randomly on boss deaths.
  • Fixed dismount so mobs that dismount will again dismount players.
  • Gauntlet Mobs have more HP should help when in groups for more to get hits.
  • Armor of Fortune can be worth by all races.
  • Shadow Knight will no longer reveal himself while meditating.
  • Must use Reveal spell or detect hidden to reveal the Shadow Knight now.
  • Finished new City of Dead Apocalypse setting for Farraan. Should open later today. I will keep you posted.
  • Changes to afk check system.
  • [Changecharacter command no longer works in gauntlet or secret gauntlet.
  • Made some changes to SoS fishing. Sometimes you have a chance to get the chest swallowed by a daemonic kraken that you must defeat to obtain the chest off their corpse.
  • Toy Makers Tools can be obtained rarely in dungeon and town pickable chests.

June 19, 2020

  • Fixed error with Leather Dye Tubs and Tailor bods.
  • Belt Packs now alter into Garg Half Aprons. Still no pack item.
  • Composite bows can now alter into Soul Glaive with Bow fletching.
  • Minor adjustments to shrink items. Hopefully stops the random crash.
  • Claim/Claimall will no longer work in the City of the Dead Faraan. (had region set wrong to block before).
  • Can lumberjack from backpack now. Will help fix any issues with gargoyles needing to continually change hatchets.
  • Testing Protection and Vampiric Embrace will save on restart and recast on the restart when you login. (This is a test and could very well get removed).
  • Adjusted timer on Raiders of the Lost Ark peerless boss for looting to 5 minutes. Fixed region for kicking after expires.
  • Ra has been changed to a private event. Details will follow later today on the Wiki. Keep a lookout. Will have summoning item obtained from the normal area, and be able to be summoned in Malas Temple.
  • One apocalypse boss will give a reward to a random player now direct instead of just dropping on the corpse. Will also tell everyone in the area that they obtained it. Should keep confusion less.
  • Fixed issue with Frozen ice wyrms getting double dmg type pet trait.
  • Fixed range issues on pets gaining xp from kills when the owner is not within 10 tiles.
  • Fixed fabled fishing net issues.

June 27, 2020

  • Adjustments to pet experience Gump for pet leveling.
  • Changes to Gauntlet Teleporters and Secret Gauntlet teleporters. Now require you type the code to get into each room.
  • Changes to afk system. It will be on the wiki later today. You now select the picture that is different from the rest and click submit. You have 5 minutes. A wrong answer results in a failure.
  • Minor updates to Bake Kitsunes. No longer transform.
  • Adjustment to more things randomly selecting a resource gathering afk check.
  • Fixed crash from trying to lock item down in house that was demolished with the gump that pops when you drop the items in house.
  • Added in Auction system. It Will be set up later today and a wiki will follow.
  • Adjusted Peerless Altars when you double click you can check if they are open and it can reset them if no player or boss is present in the area. TESTING PHASE.
  • Changed how champs hand out power scrolls. They will now determine who did work during champ to ensure anyone doing work at a champ will get a scroll (must be at champ still cannot flee away and get an item).
  • Fixed crash in magic key for underworld puzzle.
  • Auction system on pause while I fix some issues with showing stats.


May 02, 2020

  • Parrot Robe relayers can now be worn by Gargoyles.
  • Fixed issues with pet special attacks spending gump.
  • Boats should no longer attach teleporters to them while sailing over.
  • Adjustments to books. Should now function properly now.
  • Changed most blood on fighting or carving to effect instead of actual items. Should help a bunch.
  • Added base for new hunting contest for May.
  • Added unsinkable house setting for later use on special housing.
  • Fishing skill should gain easier now. (still need 75 skill to fish in deep waters. But can raise on shore to 120)
  • Changes to mining soil samples. Mining dirt will not mine up fertile dirt as primary, and soil samples have a chance as bonus harvest if skill is over 100. (this is in for testing could change and/or revert back at any time)

May 17, 2020

  • Changed how the Yard wand works. The menu has been completely re-written.
  • Fixed issues with bags needing to be removed and put back in backpack after restarts for UOSteam to recognize them.
  • Changed how sounds work for sending sound directly only to the player. This will now be set to Metal detectors to only send sound to the player using the detector.
  • Adjustments to Invasions. Removed Old invasion system to stop random boot crashing due to it wanting to host an invasion on its own.
  • **testing** House trainers and trainers in the training room should no longer give dmg to weapons or gear on players or on trainers. (must bee within 3 tiles for trainers with no weapon on to do no dmg)
  • Carpentry and Fletching can randomly give LJ powerscrolls as well again. (dunno how I broke that before).
  • Shield should be fixed for House and Training Room Trainers and damage with them.
  • Fixes in for error clilocs on titles from the trade quest.
  • Plants should now tell which hedge, cypress, or hops they are on the plant when growing.

May 23, 2020

  • Added Merge Bag Of Holding Deed. Will merge two bags of holding (Max Item limit is 320) *Will not work on the free medium bag of holding from account creation*.
  • Added +5 and +10 max items to Bag of Holding deeds (Max Item limit is 320) *Will not work on the free medium bag of holding from account creation*.
  • If your pet or your character are in the gauntlet, secret gauntlet, or a champ spawn. Your pets will not auto stable anymore when you log out or get disconnected.
  • Lots of changes to the Invasion system. No longer champions. Upon death bosses will do gold shower, and hand out pscredits or artifact credits instead of power scrolls. Also there is chances of unique artifacts that will be made more coming up.
  • Rewrote the Hair and Beard settings on the Hair Restylist. Will now do horns and horn beards for Garogyles and has extended hair options.
  • Added in new Vote Token rewards you can buy. Will be on store shortly.
  • Adjusted Reflect Physical Damage to not work when on afk restrictions for fighting. Will no longer work.
  • Fixed crash from trying to exploit a pet to still fight while under afk restrictions using guard.
  • AFK checks should properly check on spells damaging mobiles now and will not multi check anymore.

May 29, 2020

  • Added in Fertile Dirt to work with Commodity Deeds.
  • Animal Lore gump will now show taming needed to tame an animal on last page. Also if you do not have high enough and try to tame something it will tell you what is needed.
  • Animal Lore gump will now show animals gender n last page instead of hovering over animal.
  • Added in Clothing and Armor Engraving Tools. These and the Weapon Engraving tool will be placed on the token store later today. All come in 10 uses and break after last use.
  • Faraan will now have a 5 minute logout delay.(bedrolls will not adjust this timer)
  • Upon logging out in faraan your character will be hidden, and revealed back on login. This change is to fix an exploit issue with using the [changechar or using the removed logout delays in areas to find specials and some champs up without running there.
  • Players first login after restart will set your character will full health mana and stam. Only your first login.
  • If Pets or player are in a town that is being Invaded under the Event Invasions system the pets will no longer stable or auto stable on logout and login.
  • Fix Remove Faster Casting Malus Deed. Now Works on Armor(including shields) and Weapons.
  • Added in World Chat Discord Bot. Will be activated later today or tomorrow. This will send all trade and world chats to a discord channel to view.
  • Changed the infernal ooze on the grizzles and how the timer functions. Should not get stuck in a death loop on lower hp players.
  • Changes to metal detectors and how they work. Will need to now bein main backpack. They will also now change pause lenght between noise based on distance as well as sound level.
  • Changes to the Completed Staff of Ra to make it easier to change hue when in right spot. Should work better now overall.
  • Re-wrote how shrink items display stats for shrunk pets. Should be easier to read and hopefully stop random client crashes when opening a chest with a lot of shrink items inside.


April 06, 2020

  • Adjustment to Satyr and Dryad aggression. If I feel abused for specific purposing, I will just adjust back.
  • Archaeology weapons can be altered to gargish forms now.
  • Archaeology can now get a bonus of higher end items with higher item id skill -with Archaeology Tools and Better shot for unidentified artifact with higher Foresnics gear.(this comes from gear).
  • Added in +1, +3 and +5 Forensics Bonus Skill armor to a possible chance on Dr. René Emile Belloq's corpse.
  • Fixed issue with king of the bunnies health bar not closing after death.

April 09, 2020

  • Added Easter World Boss. It will be 2 to 4 hrs off road south of Britain after the bridge.
  • Revered hues on World teleporter Gump.
  • Added in 3 new rewards from Corona Virus world boss.
  • Fixed issue with the pet and taming bod books now taking 2 item count.
  • Fix to an inscription bod reward.
  • Fixed error with all addon components showing their properties even in dungeon components.
  • Iron Beetles should show mining skill in Animal Lore Gump now.
  • Catalan Dragons will show Necromancy skill in Animal Lore Gump now.
  • Adjustment to all versions of the bracelets of binding when pending an addition. Should fix a few errors.
  • Fixed bug with magery on Warmblood Stallions (magery is removed).
  • Fixed broken webstones in TC and Donation room.
  • Added in 11 rares that spawn when server loads.

April 12, 2020

  • Added Bank Balance to [Stats gump. Will show gold and plat.
  • Fixed a bug with some quest powerscrolls. Can no longer put those into the exchange or ps books.
  • Fixed error with some items from seasonal quests stacking with last years.
  • Changed amount format display on Storage Keys Menus, ED Vendor, Token Ledger, Token Checks, and The Store Displays for easier reading of prices.
  • Changed how regens are calculated, removed caps.
  • Server will now restart every day at 5 PM server time. This is an automatic process. It will send a gump to players to warn for 5 minutes ahead each time.

April 17, 2020

  • Added Repair Kits. It can be crafted in each craft system. Durability Bonus based on Resource.
  • Items added to Easter Rewards.
  • Sleep spell can no longer be used on players to troll.
  • Fixes to Primeval Lich Debuffs. Should now Debuff instead of Buff.
  • Hibernate can no longer be used on players.
  • Additional rewards added to Metal Detecting System.
  • Additional rewards added to Archaeology System.


March 04, 2020

  • Fixed bugs with personal animal spawners, Now use the menu on animals that are spawned instead of on spawner which is now invisible to owners.
  • Fixed amount parsing with Lady Luck, Can buy and sell tokens again.
  • Added more stuff to [Stats Gump for better functionality.
  • Talismans can not get Self Repair from deeds.
  • Fixed issue possibly causing lag from Personal Animal Spawners.
  • Minor Edit to Hurricane spell.
  • Edits to Peerless Lootpack.
  • Edits to Crafted items.
  • Fixed typo in Vote Command.
  • Fixed resists on Ra the Sun God.
  • Adjusted Metal Container Engraver to work on gold trim metal chests.
  • Fixed region bug for the Casino area.

March 12, 2020

  • Fixed bug with [changechar command trying to send text while login window showing up causing a crash. Will no longer show the menu.
  • Fixed bug with craft resource attaching to Sifting box deeds.
  • Changed gravediggers quest to the mondain's quest system, anyone in the quest will need to end it and start over.
  • Victoria has changed in Doom. No longer need a quest, select talk to see how many bones you need left to summon. The bone demon gives skull to summoner on death if they are alive and within 20 tiles of demon.

March 20, 2020

  • Changed how shrink items properties are shown. Should cause fix a random client crash issue with lots in boxes to stop hoping.
  • Adjustment to spawn persistence to fix quest npcs from despawning.
  • Fixed issues with some relayered bone armor not being able to work with sealant of durability.
  • Saves will now check for crops that are ready to wither and auto withers them, freeing up public farm areas.
  • Lots of changes to packets.
  • Changes to update ranges.
  • Change to length can sit at login screen while trying to log in.

March 28, 2020

  • More packet adjustment
  • Adjustment to playball and play bones for when pets get stuck trying to run to the area they cant reach.
  • Adjustment to Comoddity Deeds labeling of custom boards.
  • Logs should now work when crafting requires boards. (still, no counts working though for both)
  • Added Powerscrolls into inscription bod rewards.
  • Fixed crash bug from pet playballs and play bones.
  • Adjusted Omniporter Window size for future use.
  • Fixed typo in the wax crafting menu.
  • Changes to packets to help bandages working better with Razor enhanced.
  • Changed calculations for parry with a shield while having parrying and bushido skills. It will now use a calculation based on the two skills.


February 2, 2020

  • Changes to Crafting and Loot on Monsters.
  • Tinker Bulk Order Deed Smith's Hammer deed fixes.
  • Valentines Champ Spawn will now give artifact.
  • Adjustment to footprints for better functionality.
  • Adjustment to Seed Box.
  • Added in Decorative Plant Box and set as a plant bod reward.

February 7, 2020

  • Fixes to Travesty.
  • Fixes to Keys withdraw counts.
  • More adjustments to Loot from Mobs and Crafted items. Now based on Luck and Skills for bonuses.
  • Fixed Champion Gold Showers. It should be closer now.
  • Fixed errors in Bulk Order Bribe System.
  • Fixed labels of lifespan still on Summoning Rite Robe and Daggers.
  • Minor adjustments to spawn systems (behind scenes nothing noticeable).
  • Few Bod Reward Additions.
  • Only Champions for the karate belt quests will get credit at champs.
  • Bug fixes to Percival Quest in new player area. Anyone with quest will have to resign and restart the quest.
  • Adjustment to Skill level and AI setting of Satyrs. Should now discord players.
  • Bankstones will now say balance above players head rather than at stone.
  • All of the new player area (not the dungeon) will now work with bank commands.
  • Fixed bugs in fruit plants and coffee plants.
  • Fixed minor bug on equipping for gargoyles with karate belt that happens pending robe used. Will now change id to compensate.

February 14, 2020

  • Added in 12 new prebuilt keeps and castles to the house placement tool.
  • Added in 2 new placement tools for 24x24 Custom Houses and 30x30 Custom Houses. It will be available in the Eventine Dollar Store later today.
  • Venus should now give artifacts (fingers crossed?).
  • Added in Gold Donation Stones. These come Player bound on purchase from token stone. Lock down in place, Players can donate gold to stone. It will give a list of the last 25 donations. The list can be cleared. Only the Owner can see how much gold is on or withdraw the gold.
  • Fixed Hues on Karate Belts.
  • Minor fix to a bug with relayer deeds.
  • Added in Legendary Bracelets of Binding. Will be ED Purchase only items. Are 25 player holding Bracelets of Binding that can Merge with a relayer in the bracelet slot.
  • Adjusted Token Rates on Lady Luck in Town Center.

February 15, 2020

  • Fixed issue with House Gold Donation Stones in houses.
  • Fixed issue with Absorptions in the level menu.
  • Added few things to Woodworker's Keys.
  • Adjustments to Trash for Tokens Backpack. Should give more tokens again on non-tools.
  • Edited how Gold Donation Stones remove history lists.

February 19, 2020

  • Edited the [Vote system and how it works. Should work nicer as some sites can vote every 12 hrs instead of 24 now.
  • Taming Bulk Order now uses the claim rewards point system.
  • Changes to Elementals from Garogyle Items. (Test)
  • Fixed bug with Acid Elementals that do not work with a quest. It should work now.
  • Added in House Animal Breeder. It will be added to Store later this week.
  • Fixed issues with Relayered Talismans using the correct repair system.
  • Plant Bulk Orders now use the claim rewards point system.
  • Changes to a few bod rewards across the board.

February 23, 2020

  • Added in Personal Animal Spawners for houses. It will be implemented to a token store later this weekend or early next week.
  • Personal Animal Spawners will be limited to 10 per account and spawn 3 of the specified animal.
  • Few fixes to the houses and how they react. It should be easier to use for bigger custom houses and stairs should always place now instead of sometimes.
  • Added in new foundations in the house sign Gump.
  • Added all ancient Hammers to the Ancient Hammer Keys
  • Fixed labeling of skill to raise on Ancient Hammers.
  • Added 2 Tent houses that can be placed in the house placement tool.
  • Edits again to crafting and gargoyle tools. Both upping randoms or settings.


January 1, 2020

  • Fixed bug with backpack pets allowed to get shrunk when items in backpacks.
  • Hopefully fixed bug with wisps from Despise bosses notoriety checks.
  • Fixed error with naming on pulp after restarts.
  • Fixed bug with Gen 10 or higher pets saying they can breed when they cannot.

January 3, 2020

  • Adjustments to Raffle Tables. It should make it function better.
  • Adjustments to Loot Tables for weapons.
  • Added Necklaces and Earrings to loot tables.
  • Adjustments to Druid Scrolls for loot on certain mobs, not many yet but more in future.
  • New imprisoned pet implemented into the game.
  • Added in new peerless boss Bakunawa. It will be placed later this weekend. Possibly today in blighted grove Faraan.
  • Minor adjustment to pet leveling.

January 12, 2020

  • Fixed bug with crops not deleting after the 7 day no interaction period.
  • Crops can only be harvested by the person who planted them.
  • Fixed bug with any graphic for flowers work for beehives and not actual plants, now requires actual campions, lilies, poppies or snowdrops.
  • Carpentry tools can now use alter command.
  • Fixed Primeval Lich. health bar window will now show.
  • Items inside bags of holding or keeping that are blessed will no longer move to main backpack on death.
  • Blessed bags will be available to hold blessed items in Town Center on the Token Store (if these are inside a bag they will be moved to main pack.
  • Added in Spellbook backpack. Will let you cast spells even when books are in this backpack. Helps organizing. This backpack must be in main pack.
  • Attempt to fix crash from help menu random crash.
  • Page persistence update, a page will now stay in menu after you logout until cleared or server restarted.

January 17, 2020

  • Attempt to fix bug with loyalty issues crashing.
  • Added Plant BOD System. Can obtain and turn in Plant BOD's with Farmers.
  • Added House Farmer Contract for sale in Donation Room.
  • 120 Meditation should no longer fail to meditate when gear is set right.
  • Fixed bug with shrinking pack pets with items on from potions or enchanted pet leash.
  • Updated how vendor search maps work. Teleporting should take right to vendors now.
  • Added in New new player quest one-time quest to obtain a pet.
  • Added in 'Information' tool tip to certain vendors that can take you directly to a wiki page. Works on most quest npcs and some npcs.

January 24, 2020

  • Fixed gargish kilt variations that could not repair now will.
  • Fixed how seeds that are identified display.
  • Fixed error in fire resist on Warmblood Stallions.
  • Fixed bug in ED trader with Integer limitations.
  • Fixed bug with pet owner not able to loot pet while in guild.
  • Faraan Treasure map Items are now on the Artifact Exchange.
  • Fixed error in naming of Imprisoned Wisp and Imprisoned Cat crystals.

January 31, 2020

  • Fixed Crash from house check.
  • Large Plant bods will give correct color inside bod book now.
  • Fixed error in items that are Keyguarded with sales on vendors. Will now remove the guard when placing on a vendor.
  • Fixed error hopefully in-play balls crash when the item is thrown to is null. The ball must now be thrown 4 tiles at least away.
  • Fixed error in pet breeding with weaker damage parents.
  • Added in new Karate Belt questline. It is long wiki will be written over the weekend.
  • Fix: Clothing Bless Deeds should now work on relayered items that are cloth material.
  • Minor adjustment in small tinker bods.