2019 Changelog

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December 01, 2019

  • Changes to Winter event Saving Christmas quest. (easier mobs, no need to stealth through the area, easier skill check on stealing the item with stealing).
  • There is now less likely a chance of angering the beast when taming.
  • Can now purchase more backpack space for vendors in their menu.
  • Fixed typo in Town Center Vendors.
  • Granite can now go into Commodity deeds.
  • Fixed Bulk Order Reward titles for cooking.
  • Fixed Bulk Order Reward title for fletching.
  • The new player bounty quest will give more gold as a reward. You will have to end the quest and restart if currently in one.
  • Added in Advent Calendar that can be obtained from a stone in Town Center. Can get 1 item per day by using until Christmas day. If you miss days it will not let you get them.
  • Added in Enchanted Pet Leash. Will shrink all pets in an 8 tile radius if you have enough uses. It can be made with a brush.
  • Fix attempt in for House 2 house teleporters and Mantra house to house teleporters. Fingers Crossed but should work.

December 06, 2019

  • Fix to steal bug not releasing item in Christmas quest area. (although this year I have that turned off so don't need to steal it).
  • Camping skill can raise to 120 now.
  • Fixed error with repairing and adding durability to a few items. (Mainly Talismans with durability and Paladin swords).
  • Added in the ability to set custom primary and secondary weapon abilities. (Not sure how will be used yet).
  • Town Center Vendors will drop after 30 days of no restocking.
  • Remove Trap can raise to 120 now, fixed error in skill check.
  • Added a new pet immune setting for later use with player immune setting.

December 13, 2019

  • Adjustments to Hurricane spell. Better Functionality now.
  • Adjustments to Champs not in Fel or Faraan. Better Functionality.
  • Fixed bugs with pets stats for raising with leveling while having stat mods.
  • Fixed issue with tinkered items that are relayered requiring blacksmith to repair. Now repairs with tinkering.
  • Added in pet elixirs that can be crafted with a brush. Will add info on the system with it when I can.
  • Can make Pulp for elixirs in the Juicer tool.
  • As of right now Empty Pet Elixirs can be found randomly on monsters in Faraan. (less chance at champs).
  • Changed how house 2 house teleports handle bad targets. Also adjusted how they teleport.
  • Fixed bug on xmas champ.
  • Added in Advanced Veteran Champion Spawn. Very tough. No corpse stones near it. Will be randomly placed in Faraan later today.
  • Fixed Hurricane Spell internal dmg timer.
  • Added in Mantra House to House teleporters in new form.
  • Fixed some possible exploits with using house to house gates not locked down.
  • Added in Pet Rename Deed to Taming Bods. Can change a pets name with spaces using deed.
  • Fixed error in Vorpal Bunny Achievements. Set now proper to 10k 25k, 50k, 100k.

December 20, 2019

  • Added remove bone breaker deed. 250,000 gold from gold store.
  • Fixed battle chess to work better.
  • Adjusted How secured chests show properties.
  • Added Veterinarian Training Bandages which can help raise vet skills. You can only use these on Taming Horses. Can be crafted with the Pet Brush.
  • Added Provocation Training Whips which can help raise Provocation Skill. You can only use these on 2 Taming Horses. Can be crafted with the Pet Brush.
  • Lots of changes to pet systems leveling, breeding etc. Check wiki for a lot of the updates


November 8, 2019

  • Fixed bug with Halloween Haunted House Figurines that come in different colors changing after restarts.
  • Fixed bug Princess collection dresses changing color on restarts.
  • Fixed bug with gear from Fairy Tale event not being repairable.
  • Added command [Claimall works like claim but moves every item from corpse to your backpack.
  • Added in world boss to be started at some point this weekend. Will spawn between britain and trinsic in Faraan. Respawn timer will be 2 to 3 hrs.

November 15, 2019

  • Fixed bug with magic lamp saying too far away when standing next to it.
  • Pets should no longer attack guild members.
  • Corpsestone will cost 0 now to accounts younger than 45 days.
  • New command [BuyLostCorpse added. Will let you buy corpses you lost and cannot use the corpse stone to get. The fee is: 1 to 10 items on corpse 50k, 11 to 20, 100k, 21 and over 150k. Players whose accounts are under 45 days old are free.
  • Armor of crafting should be wearable by Gargoyles now.
  • Should have fixed client crash that sometimes happening opening books.

November 22, 2019

  • Fix for Targeting spellbooks, and allowing only the right spellbooks to be put in Inscription bods.
  • This also fixes runebooks with bods. Runic atlas will no longer go into Runebook. And either with any runes inside will not as well.
  • Fixed the Seasonal Exchange pricing for Winter Event items in November.
  • Added in World Boss for Thanksgiving Day with around 15 different possible Rewards.

November 29, 2019

  • There is now less likely a chance of angering the beast when taming.
  • Can now purchase more backpack space for vendors in their menu.
  • Fixed typo in Town Center Vendors.
  • Granite can now go into Commodity deeds.
  • Fixed Bulk Order Reward titles for cooking.
  • Fixed Bulk Order Reward title for fletching.
  • The new player bounty quest will give more gold as a reward. You will have to end the quest and restart if currently in one.
  • Added in Advent Calendar that can be obtained from a stone in Town Center. Can get 1 item per day by using until Christmas day. If you miss days it will not let you get them.
  • Added in Enchanted Pet Leash. Will shrink all pets in an 8 tile radius if you have enough uses. It can be made with a brush.
  • Fix attempt in for House 2 house teleporters and Mantra house to house teleporters. Fingers Crossed but should work.


October 2, 2019

  • Fixed bug in Player Zombie Skeleton Event.
  • Fixed bug in Pumpkin Patch.
  • Fixed vendors to say currencies properly.
  • Fixed Gold Vendor store to take gold from bank.
  • Fixed Costumes to properly go on.
  • Fixed bug with Pumpkin Carving Kit placement on tool keys.

October 4, 2019

  • Removed Vulgar message on raffle stones.
  • Fixed sink system to work in Dead Vales like Malas.
  • Fixed some typos on various reward items.
  • Fixed bug with Get Followers Stone leaving player stuck.
  • Fixed issue with gm service receipts.
  • Fixed issue with staff placing houses in Ter Mur without loyalty.
  • Fixed bug with Some Large Tinker Bods.

October 26, 2019

  • Fixed bug with player corpses not cutting by players.
  • Fixed bug with Tracking not raising past 100 naturally.
  • Added a Skill check on begging to not be determined only by an NPCS begging.


September 27, 2019

  • Fixed drop rate errors on Water Tentacle and added Mystical Sextanat of Control to its loot settings.
  • Added in Halloween Event stuff to start on October 1st.
  • Fixed bug with treasure maps when a location gets a house placed.
  • Fixed gold vendor exploit.
  • Added code to remove internal items. Will lag when used. (Will not use often).
  • Adjustment to Decaytimer on houses to fix bug.

September 20, 2019

  • Added food, arrow, bolts, shaft all a single-use version in their crafting systems.
  • Adjustments to Tinker bods to stop some lbods that can't be obtained of smalls from being made.
  • Universal Dye Tubs now have a context menu for previewing hue. (Not fully working in houses yet with locked-down items).
  • Added new Large bod rewards for Fletching
  • Adjustment to Archaeology System.
  • Added rare random drops of special gems to a few mobs in-game.
  • Bulk Order Books will take 2 item spots no matter how many order deeds in them now.
  • Fixed 2 issues with metal detectors playing sound on wrong map && issue with footprints.
  • Fixed issue with grizzles acid doing dmg on sr5 armor and items.
  • Fixed typo in Invasion System for Autumn Monsters.
  • When pets are shrunk they will be forced into a backpack instead of dropping to ground if overweight or item count.
  • Fixed crash from bod requesters when backpack is full or overweight.
  • Changed hues of moonstones, and their gate colors to help with knowing if you went thru gates. Should be a little better now. Also removed the party requirement for them.
  • Set Housing to 6 mos for IDOC system. (Logging in will refresh all of your houses).

September 06, 2019

  • Fixed error in Autumn Garland hue. Is no longer 0.
  • Fixed typo in Composting Barrel.
  • Fixed typo in Autumn Quest.
  • Minor fix to Abyssal Infernal champ boss.
  • Added in Autumn Champ.
  • Changes to shrink items and how pets are shrunk (advised to pull pets out and reshrink).
  • Sturdy tools will no longer come in 100 use when crafted.


August 06, 2019

  • Fixed bugs on named items made with iron in tinkering. (I think I got them all)
  • Fix with Shrink items. Can now pull pet out as long as ur taming is higher than the minimum tame skill.
  • New Facet Dead Vales open. Nothing is set up yet will come shortly.
  • Stealies put in place in Dead Vales. More will come later. Added in a few for now.
  • Fixes to correct generation on pets.

August 08, 2019

  • Fixed crash bug that happens randomly when a pet deletes before the final check on abandonment.
  • Added in Vampires with random item drops. Will put in shortly.

August 16, 2019

  • Fixed Dead Vales t maps saying Dead Vales on them.
  • Minor adjustment to power saves (staff will no longer get checks).
  • Adjustments to lumberjacking tree veins (trees may all change locations after this).
  • Frost Giant champ now has their own statuette and tile drop and Unique rare drop. More to come.
  • Vampire's blood, crushed garlic and vampire fangs can now go on reagent keys.
  • Oil Flasks now sold on Provisioners. Wolf Clockwork assemblies now require the oil.
  • Blanket of darkness should now properly show its artifact rarity.
  • Update House Trainers. In order for pets to attack a house trainer, you will need permission and to be added to list from trainer owner. List consists of 5 slots.
  • Added Temple Of Doom storyline. Entrance is Doom in Deadvales, Wiki will be updated this weekend.

August 23, 2019

  • Added new Event systems for future events.
  • Added Autumn harvest event system. Will start on September 1st.
  • Normal plain Earrings can now be made in tinkering.
  • Added start for Autumn seasonal events.
  • Started adding new meats to cut on mobs. (not many so far so no need to go crazy). Will be used for future food recipes. All can be cooked into edible versions.
  • Added more mobs for Dead Vales. Will be put in when I get a chance.
  • Fixed Legendary Miner's Belt. Will now always mine primary ore at location when worn.
  • Added Iron Miner's Belt to blacksmithing rewards. Will always mine iron ore at locations when worn.
  • Added Poppies Dust to Seed Keys.
  • Added in new cannon 'Blunder Cannon'. Deed for cannon can be found on corpse of the Water Tentacle.
  • Added 3 new types of cannonballs. Can be found picking level 3 and level 4 dungeon chests.

August 30, 2019

  • Fixes to typo in new mobs names.
  • Autumn Quest ready to go, will start September 1st.
  • Peculiar poppies should now show in keys as peculiar poppies. Will need to remove the seed and put back in keys for it to update.
  • Can only reveal players in guild with detecting hidden. No longer will reveal players not in guild.
  • Started Halloween event code (there will be a lot of different types of events).
  • Started Pumpkin Carving for the month of October. More info to come soon.
  • Added SturdyTools (can be crafted for more than the normal cost). They have more uses, and can go into tool keys.
  • Toxic venom sac will now be green like uoguide and Stratics call for it to be. Hope that helps.


July 5, 2019

  • Adjustments to Gold Panning.
  • Fixed any harvest fail message to properly show for Mining, Lumberjacking, Fishing, Gold Panning.
  • Fixed town criers with multi-line broadcasting all lines on saves.
  • Fixed crash with heal sprinklers with dead twigs.
  • Powder of Durability now works on Whips.
  • Imprisoned pets will have double dmg (physical and one of the elemental damages). Will work later on some building skills.
  • Added 5 Pirate quests added to Buccaneer’s Den in Faraan. All with their own multiple unique items. Information on the Wiki.
  • Added a ‘Pet Play Ball’ which you can throw around with your pet to play fetch to gain low XP amounts. Craftable in the taming craft system.
  • Added 3 levels of Steam Engines for ships. Craftable in the Tinkering system with recipes.
  • Added ‘[stats’ alias for the statistics gump.
  • Can now turn your death notice, and your login notice on and off in the [statistics/[stats gump.
  • Added Water Tentacle peerless boss…Need a map to find them in the waters. Map obtainable through SOS Chests randomly. Entering area of the boss will summon them.
  • Fixes to KOTL Puzzle area. Should work properly now.
  • Adjusted Noble Sacrifice min skill level to 75. Should fix with getting to 120 on Chivalry.
  • More fixes to Self Repair 5 items.
  • Updated Mobs with new leathers. Wiki is updated to show the changes in the Leathers Wiki.
  • Fixed Getting Even Quest. Will now advance.
  • Fixes to Power saves.

July 12, 2019

  • Fixed bug with monsters and animals non tamed going through. house gates.
  • Bulk Order Book Dye Tubs will now work on all bulk order books and Power scroll and Transcendence Books.
  • House trainers can give small xp to pets that dmg them if the pet is leveling (only in houses not trainers in training room).
  • Added in Play Bone for more advanced pet training. Hidden somewhere to find.
  • Added in point cost of things in Pet leveling gump.
  • Added in regular tamable werewolves. Will be placed in Faraan.
  • Bury the Treasure quest update: In order to bury treasure Billy Bones must now be killed.
  • Fix to Tinkering with ores over Valorite. (most should be named properly now send a page on any that aren’t showing or post on discord or forums as bugs).
  • Uni Tubs will now dye house 2 house teleporters. (the purple purchasable ones from TC)
  • Added Password ‘Mantra’ teleporters. Can be purchased later for 1.5 mil gold each deed.
  • Fixed over cap leveling bug with Pets from the play ball.
  • Added Talk tooltip to all Questers now. Do not need to double click the rest anymore.
  • Fixed issue with pirate quest items ambushing in odd places.
  • Added new quest called ‘Creation of Light’. Find Althalos in Town Center to start it.
  • Can now mark runes, recall in out, gate in out of Hue Room. 16. Battle axes, gargish battle axes, and large battle axes can now go in the tool keys. (if blessed, insured, or have a level deed on will not go in).

July 26, 2019

  • Fixed bug issue with certain mat type bods not showing up in bulk order book with a filter on.
  • Fixed issues with some tailoring items not able to use sealant of durability (like deer masks and things).
  • Fixed book reward in Axem the Curator quests.
  • Added 14 stealable.
  • Added Bake Kitsune, Hiryu and Lesser Hiryu to follower count lowerable in Pet Leveling.
  • Fixed typos in House sink gumps.


June 01, 2019

  • More Gambling systems added in for Casino. Will open today.
  • Fixed bugs with seasonal talismans being able to equip outside dates.
  • Fixed bug with excess quest items spamming floor in Indiana Jones areas. (should be lower).
  • Adjustment to leveling weapons hit caps.
  • Start of adding Summer Event stuff. Should open next weekend.
  • Fixed bug with Diabolical maps not being labeled in t map keys. (will need them to be taken out and put back in to reflect the update)
  • Added Summer Champ will be placed in Faraan near Crossroads.
  • Minor fix to seeds on plants. (nothing noticeable just some stability) .

June 02, 2019

  • Fixes to Summer Champ.
  • Fixes to Heal Sprinklers.
  • Fixes to bug with crafted earrings not having durability.
  • Possible fix for trade window crashes.

June 07, 2019

  • Fixes to relayer meditation and mana regens.
  • Added Summer setting to invasion system.
  • Secondary fix to heal sprinklers.
  • All yard wand items should refund to players account now.
  • Added universal dye tubs and bleach tubs. Will be on sale on the vendor in hue room.
  • Added plantable soil to the yardwand for the farm seeds. (purchasable from farmers)
  • Added strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and cranberry plants and food items (can get plant deeds from composting barrel).
  • Fixes to Spring drinks and the smoked bbq ribs. (will not empty into keys anymore).
  • Added reagent crops. Available via the Farmer NPCs.
  • Added in juices and smoothies for the new plant fruits.
  • Minor adjustment to afk checks.
  • Added [Rewards command to bring up Vet reward gump if you have any available.
  • Adjustments to a few spells.
  • Added Seed Box re-written for final testing. Will go out after (probably to key crafting).
  • Reagent crop seeds will go into the seed keys.
  • Added lemon, lime, and orange trees to the fruit tree system. Can be obtained same as other fruit trees.
  • Fixes to recipe for plastic boat toy in the summer toy crafting menu.
  • Added druid reagents to mage and necromancer NPCs.
  • Added in frost giant champ will be placed west of Deceit dungeon in Faraan.
  • Fixed bug with mailboxes being accessible to anyone while not in houses.

June 11, 2019

  • Quest Item adjustments. (Can now go in your bags inside your pack only. Player Bound)
  • Adjustment to Mage leveling spells. (Spellbook needs to be full to use them)
  • Hue Room preview timer changed from 5 seconds to 10.
  • Summer quest will begin later today. Find Jeff Spicoli somewhere in Vesper Trammel to start.
  • Background Pirate themed areas started.
  • Fixed crash with Mailboxes. (We didn’t crash from it but I found an error in the code that could result in a crash.)
  • Unicorns and Ki’Rins are rideable by males and females. 8. Added sand to yard wand.

June 14, 2019

  • Adjustments to house gates. Can now be placed within 6 tiles in front 3 behind, 3 east or west, or inside any house you own (not linked to one only anymore either).
  • Adjustments to Yard-wand functionality. Can be placed around the house from any location in that house now.
  • Fixed Hurricane scroll naming issue. 4. Fixed various typos.
  • Adjustments to how ban locations are handled on sunken house plots.
  • Fixed issue with Thorvald’s Medallion as a light source.
  • Windchimes now are accessible in houses.
  • Added in ‘mass lockpicks’ to tinkering. (makes lockpicks from all ingot or ore in your pack of that type).
  • Sand bucket is now red to avoid confusion if toggled for the quest.
  • Fixes to corn crops and wheat crops to give correct resources.
  • Adjustment to grave digging and metal detecting animations.
  • Changed Steve the Constables quest reward, and everyone can do quest 1 time now.
  • Summer wearables are now repairable.
  • Adjustment with afk captchas (should not be as frequent).

June 21, 2019

  • Chests that give archaeologists tools can give uses from 1 to 3.
  • Added Gm service receipts (for fun times).
  • Fix to new fruit trees resource count.
  • Lady Luck can sell up to 33 million tokens at once, and will auto deposit to bank account now.
  • Fixed crop issue.
  • Fix to gargoyles starting with rideable pack llama. Will no longer spawn with one.
  • Can now double-click to obtain vendor buy list off any vendor.
  • Adjustments to self-repair timers.
  • Added in Seasonal Artifact Exchange system. Will be put in north of TC with the other barrels. (this barrel is purple)
  • Added in Achievement system with about 1,000 Achievements. Some tiered some hidden.
  • Summer wearables should now be dyeable.
  • Adjusted a few monsters hide types. Will update later and make a list on wiki hopefully for next week.
  • Fixes to seed keys. Bonsai trees not identified will now show common or uncommon. (any already in keys need to be removed and re-added in).

June 28, 2019

  • Added ‘tc’ and ‘town center’ to the crystal portal speech handling.
  • More items added to Summer rewards.
  • Added Advanced Interior Decorator. Available on the architect
  • Added in gold panning system. We will add wiki later this weekend explaining the system.
  • Beverage kegs can now be made in tinkering. No longer on drunk map bosses.
  • Bug fixes to Brewing Barrel. Non-owner of house should no longer be able to access settings on them.
  • Re-write to global donation box code. Should keep a little more from being treated like a garbage can.
  • Fixes to BMV Ararat area.


May 04, 2019

  • Fixed fire pit addon for spring quest.
  • Added few items to Archaeology.
  • Added gift for a new gift stone.

May 18, 2019

  • Fixes to tinkering with runic kits. (must use runic kits now to create stats on jewelry)
  • All runic kits should work properly with runic reforging.
  • Fixed bug with lamps and other lights not working inside a house by friends.
  • Faraan will no longer have snow.
  • Added an item for summer hunting event.
  • Added in Composting Barrel && Magical Fertilizer. Composting Barrel can be rewarded rarely from the Naturalist quest.
  • Added in multiple new ‘Pristine’ plants to the plant system. Can be obtained Via Magical Fertilizer.
  • Adjusted rates on spring peerless summoning item drops.
  • Wings of swiftness will now have 255 durability. (all old pairs will adjust for this change).
  • Added Ridable Pack Llamas. These will come with all newly created characters and will be spawned in game for taming.
  • Water tub will now fill the water sprinkler with double click and target all at once instead of 1 at a time.
  • Added Base Storage Belt for future use. May become craftable and relayerable in the future.
  • [Count will no longer work on locked containers or event drop boxes.
  • Added in Indiana Jones Theme area. Starts off with Raiders of the Lost Ark. Should open later today.
  • Raiders of Lost Ark area will take place in Sanctuary in Faraan.
  • There are 5 stealables in the area.
  • Connected houses should now be able to access customize from using house sign on self if the hosue sign is moved.

May 24, 2019

  • Fixed bug with some relayers not wearable by Elves.
  • Added in new beverage types. green tea – hot cocoa – coffee – smoothies and juice.
  • Exploit fix on House resize for duping gold.
  • Added in Juicer, Smoothie Maker and Ice Maker Along with ice.
  • Juicer, Smoothie Maker, Grinder, and Steam Powered Beverage Maker cannot be made in tinkering.
  • Juicer and Smoothie Maker will go into tool keys.
  • Juicer and smoothie maker must be locked down to use.
  • Added in potted coffee plant and potted tomato plants. They can be obtained through the composting barrel.
  • Lich form spell is fixed to set the regen properly.
  • Fixed accessibility to composting barrel to owner and friends of the house.

May 26, 2019

  • Fixed bug with Trumpet addons on restarts.
  • Added in Seed Box Storage for testing. Maybe out during the week.
  • Fixed bugs in Magical Fertilizer name and color.
  • Fixed bug with Sealant of Durability not working on some Tailoring items.
  • Stain of durability will now work on stone made weapons and armor.


April 02, 2019

  • Powder of durability will now work on jewelry.
  • Fixed bug where pets could still attack if the parent was on afk fight restriction.
  • Adjustments to AFK Checks.
  • Added Stealables to Faraan. Check the wiki for information.
  • Added a new player quest called ‘The Grateful Necromancer’. more information on the wiki.

April 06, 2019

  • Fixes to Easter rewards and typo in collecting eggs.
  • Added 2 new items to Easter reward pool.
  • Made Egg Dyes possibly obtained instead of Egg in baskets.
  • Fixes to Damageable items. can attack with weapons and some area spells.
  • Blackthorn Dungeon will reopen.
  • Ararat Shipwreck will re-open.
  • Champion Spawn timers are now randomized. Will update the wiki with groupings on random min and max.
  • Some champion spawns will be moved to Faraan. Will update bonuses for them possibly later.

April 08, 2019

  • Adjustments and fixes to champs. Will announce changes on Wiki later today.
  • Fixes to gargoyle relayer items.
  • Fix crash in Re-layer deed.
  • Added in some Spring event items.

April 16, 2019

  • Removed Crafter from randomizer in champ Spawns. (may put back and just make MOAs randomized as well)
  • Added Poppies Dust to the plant rewards.
  • Added 8 Food Item tree sapling seeds to rare drop while lumberjacking in Faraan. These seeds use in the normal plant system to make a sapling for a harvestable fruit tree.
  • Spawners should no longer attach themselves to boats.
  • Update to Re-Layers. Lots of changes. Wiki to be updated.
  • Fixed bug with deviled ostard eggs secondary item spawning in malas when the item is in a container.

April 20, 2019

  • Reverted Druid Spells to no longer need spell channeling.
  • Adjusted how xp is given to weapons when using spells.
  • Testing phase. Faraan gives double weapon and spellbook xp. (not in champ areas)
  • Added second boss to the Drunk Maps. When summoning will randomly be either boss.
  • Fixed bug with Rotting Corpse Dragons in doom being tamable.
  • Updated Master of the arts champ to the new power scroll giving system.
  • Added Rideable Werewolf…Will be in Faraan later.
  • For remainder of weekend a new boss ‘King of the Rabbits’ will spawn in a few Faraan locations every hour. Give Easter artifacts as rewards.


March 01, 2019

  • Marked recall runes can be turned blank with clear item menu once single clicked.
  • Added in St Patrick’s event.
  • Removed one hour wait to drop placed houses.
  • Minor edit to Mephistis web timer.
  • Edit to remove few bugs with Sea Serpents.
  • Minor Adjustment to Phantom Banshees.
  • Removing bug for players over age to steal from the new player donation box. Can no longer steal from it.
  • Parrots no longer annoy with renaming message upon entering a house.
  • Added in Pi Day stuff. All Automatic.
  • [Claim messages are local now not forcing you to say them.
  • fixed a bunch of issues with escaping boat you are piloting, thus getting stuck.
  • Fixed problem with greater bracelets of binding not being able to purchase with tooltip. (buy shows now)
  • Throwable items can be done while mounted.

March 03, 2019

  • Fixed house placing a bug in maps not allowed.
  • Fixed issue with footprints z-axis always being bottom-most level.
  • Added Medium Bags of holding non-account bound versions.
  • Marked runes cannot go into Keys.
  • Arrows, Bolts, and Bandages no longer auto add to keys if in bags of holding unless using ‘add’ function and targetting them.
  • Fixed error in bulk order reward gump typo.
  • Vendors should now say last restock date, last sold date and owners name on tooltips.
  • Fixed bug with character statues giving not locked down warning on exiting the house.
  • Added few more St Patty’s artifacts.
  • Added 3 items to Loch Ness Monster rewards.
  • Boat Docking Tool – Docks boat from anywhere with tool providing it can be docked. Has uses.
  • Location Map – Shows a map with your location on a pin. Similar to a Treasure map but shows the location of the player using.
  • Gold can be stacked up to 60k from a larger stack and add up properly instead of not letting you drop on.
  • Eventine Dollars should stack properly again now.

March 09, 2019

  • Fixed some issues for staff finding items.
  • Fishing Poles now show uses remaining.
  • Added in Drunk Boss Map Hunting System.
  • Attempt Fix at Guild Title loss after closing Guild Gump.
  • Possible fix for Getting Even Quest.
  • Minor Fixes to NPCs.
  • Locked down books can now be accessed from people in houses.
  • Bug should be fixed on raising swing speed changing leeches.
  • Some Shrinkable mobs will now shrink into proper item instead of a gem. (only added a few for now).
  • Fix for certain spells from cleric spell system that were labeled to not allow faster casting now will.
  • Weapons with level deeds can no longer be used as harvesting tools.
  • Smithy Hammer with level deed can no longer be used as a tool.
  • SOS chests have a 35 percent chance at containing a poorly written map.
  • Brewing system added in. Part of the drunk map setting.
  • Faraan should no longer have guards.

March 10, 2019

  • Added Hops for brewing into certain monsters.
  • fixed bug with house trainers deleted in a house
  • SOS can now be fished up in Faraan.
  • Minor changes to new beverage kegs to show how many bottles remaining.

March 16, 2019

  • Fix for poorly written maps skill requirement bugging out.
  • Treasure map notes can now use tracking to find t map linked to within 150 tiles of where to dig.
  • Added Nautical Location Tracker. Has charges can come with 10 to 50 charge – can be charged and re-charged with gems of nautical exploration which can be found on monsters in deep water.
  • Ethereal Mounts now can be dyed in hue room again.
  • Added Bulk Order Requesters to each bod reward type. Lets u retrieve the bods from the item instead of needing to go to an NPC.
  • First implementation of Pet leveling installed.
  • Pets should not lose stats or skills on resurrection if leveling has been started. (still testing)
  • Pie Bakers tools will have a tooltip to combine them.
  • Added Self Repair to Jewelry. Can now be added with the Self Repair deeds.
  • Added in quest ‘The Nautical Explorer’ which can be obtained by talking to Kelli the Nautical Inventor on a dock in west brit faraan.
  • Pet Leveling Beta will begin after the restart. Need a Pet Leveling Deed to make a tamed pet levelable.
  • Added Animal Breeders to breed leveled pets. Costs 250,000 gold. Gives 2 claim tickets. each pet can only breed once. Need male and female.

March 17, 2019

  • Fixed bug with stat mods still affecting leveling gump.
  • Fixed bug with exp multiplier.
  • Fixed bug with future exploits.
  • Mules are now 3 slots by default. Any 1 slots will be updated.
  • Added in slot reduction (beta) for pets in leveling menu. *DOES NOT COPY OVER IN BREEDING* (as of right now only Cu Sidhe and Mules can be done for the testing)
  • Only the leveling pet that kills the monster will get the experience. This may change later, is needed now to avoid exploits. Will fix in future.
  • Added in a bunch of stuff to prep for Easter.
  • Both pets need to be at least level 100 to breed now. Breeding will give the average of both stats.
  • Breeding has a small chance on the breed to lower 1 stat on each (small chance for each) by up to 50 of the random stat.
  • Both pets can no longer breed after the breeding process.

March 23, 2019

  • More Buff fixes with pet leveling.
  • Added in Spellbook Leveling. (must be 120 in magery to start). once the deed is attached it levels as normal weapons would. Same pts to spend per level. Every 2 levels book gains its own personal level and adding 2 spells per level.
  • Slight Adjustment to champs.
  • Added higher self-repair deed for weapons (will work for splintering weapons). Uncertain when will be available.
  • Added Faster Casting Malus Deed. (will sell on ED vendor later for 50 ED)
  • Added pet gender change deed will be on Token stone for 25k tokens.

March 26, 2019

  • Fixed to some exploits with Holiday Disguise kits.
  • Added new house storage for treasure maps, sos’s, metal detectors and drunk boss maps.. (drops very rarely in house chest form and key form in metal detecting chests)
  • Fixed some leveling exploits.
  • Minor changes to Secret Gauntlet.
  • Eodon should now be fixed.

March 31, 2019

  • Fixes to possible mage spellbook leveling exploits.
  • Minor adjustments to champs.
  • Champs should give all power scrolls now (normal champs still no crafting ones only the Master of the Arts champs)
  • Powerscroll Exchange now gives all power scrolls.
  • AFK Check system in for testing phase.
  • Fixed minor issue with account tags on quests.
  • Put in Easter egg hunt stuff to start later today.


February 02, 2019

  • Typo fixes.
  • Seeds not stackable for a bit till longterm bug fixed.
  • Oil Cloth can go into Tailor Keys.
  • Oil clothes now stack.
  • Fix for Shirts/Chest piece to both adds stats on equip.
  • Barrel Taps now show resources properly.
  • Guild members can no longer loot guild members corpses and exploiting the system to obtain items from people by killing their guild members.
  • Fun Adjustment for Grab All Events.
  • Power hour cloaks no longer exploitable to new item for relayer.
  • Lots of exploited items deleted.
  • Exploit user banned for extreme use of exploits without reporting.
  • Changes to the donation box.
  • Adjustments to Leveling in Void Pool.
  • Lingering VvV items cannot be re-layered or worn.
  • Fix bug in weapon leveling.

February 05, 2019

  • Fixed potion keg label issue.
  • Added Cartographer’s Magic Pen. Can be found in Dungeon and Town Chests. Adds functionality to help with Cartography Treasure Maps. Each is 1 use.
  • Some Monsters can raise justice. (yours to find)
  • Wax Crafting Tool can be crafted with Tinkering.
  • Adjustments to Valentines Event.
  • Blaze of Deaths can be altered to Gargish Weapon.
  • Hive robes can be made in Wax Crafting. Can be altered to Gargish with tailoring.
  • Updates to Grave Digging shovel use rewards. Wiki with details to follow soon.
  • Metal Detecting Wording Fix.

February 10, 2019

  • Fixed Bug with storage keys and static targets.
  • Possible bug fix to help not bug out world teleporters.
  • Fixed bug with the cost of resists on clothing items with experience Gump. All match properly now.
  • Fixed bug with Relayers retaining sample resist on gargoyle relayers.
  • Race Change Deeds now work properly.
  • Gender Change Deeds now work properly.
  • Fountain addons now act as a water source.
  • Fixed Typo in Valentine’s Quest.
  • Fixed bug with levelable weapons sometimes needing extra experience in leveling to hit 100.
  • Updated RunicReforging and Imbuing code to servo current.
  • Fixed bug in attributes for adding Cold area lowering mana or life leech.
  • Fixed typo in gravedigging.
  • Fixed Bug with glasses and elven being equipable by gargoyles in a slot they cant wear.
  • All elven or normal glasses can be worn by humans and elves. Can all be altered to a gargish counterpart.
  • Possible bug fix for summoned monsters to take dmg if summoned by monsters.
  • Added start for mage leveling. Not open for public yet but has been started code wise.
  • Adjustment to death notices.
  • Fixed error message on items being put on the ground.

February 15, 2019

  • Added feeding bucket for testing. Maybe a while before any actual implementation into the game.
  • Fix typo in death notices.
  • Faraan Monsters have a small chance of having stat essences on them.
  • Shrunk pets will be blessed when shrunk now.
  • Withdraw works proper on bank stones now.
  • Pixie Swatter can be made to Gargish Counterpart.
  • Fix for fey leggings in artifact exchange
  • Fix for keys crash from targeting multiple mobiles.
  • Fix for hooded shrouds now repairable.
  • Fix bug in imbuing.
  • Few more items converted to transfer to the gargish counterpart.

February 17, 2019

  • Possible fix for Void Pool.
  • Fix for Treasure maps getting avoided level.
  • Changes to broadcasts messages for invasion system. needs to be tested.
  • Adding in Mythical Fishing Nets which can be obtained fishing in Faraan deep waters and used in the same to summon The Loch Ness Monster.
  • Skeletons can have bones on the corpse.
  • Minor change to quest
  • Fixed bug with Metal Detectors allowing you dig up on any detecting location without checking the map.

February 20, 2019

  • Fixed fishing while in Underworld quests. Will work now.
  • Added new player champion spawn….. should be in soon.
  • Fix to quests able to give gold checks.
  • Fix for treasure map chests giving over 60k gold. Will no longer make stack larger than 60k.
  • Heart of the Ocean can now be repaired.
  • Added Remove Curse deed. will be 250k On gold vendor in TC soon.
  • Minor Adjustment to Weapons.

February 24, 2019

  • Started Adding in St Patrick’s event stuff.
  • Fixed potions going into sprinklers from bottles.
  • Added in the Phantom group setting for soon use in Faraan.


January 01, 2019

  • Fixes to Lady Luck.
  • Changes to beggars.
  • Runic Reforging and Imbuing enabled for testing.
  • Fixed issue with Vendors not showing Claim Rewards.
  • updates to [Statistics Gump.
  • Added few more rewards to archaeology.
  • Started adding in items for Valentine’s Day Events/Quests.

January 02, 2019

  • Fixed imbuing is back on.
  • fixed taming horses to properly gain to 120 skill.

January 07, 2019

  • Bugfix for Exploit Character creation.
  • Lumberjacking will gain past 100 while fighting.
  • Imbuing, Mysticism and Throwing now on skill ball.
  • Adding new +20, +50 and +120 skill balls.
  • Added more items in for Valentine’s storylines.
  • Added beekeepers.
  • Beggar messages added in.

January 13, 2019

  • Fire Casino will be put in.
  • Added Town Center rental stools to be added in soon.
  • Fixed various typos in Metal Detecting items and locations.
  • Fixed creation of metal detecting items.
  • Fixes for crashes from Bulk Order Deeds.
  • Fixed out of mana message.
  • Leather Gloves can be turned into Gargish Leather Kilts.

January 15, 2019

  • TownCenter Vendors will charge 10 percent less for daily fees. (1 mil would charge about 600 daily only in town center.)
  • Gloves of the pugilist can be altered to Gargoyle Kilt of the Pugilist.
  • Added new map (Faraan) for future use.
  • Uni tubs statues in hue room can now dye Ethereal Pets properly.
  • Uni Tub statues in the hue room can now dye either Hair, Facial Hair or skin hues.
  • Uni Tubs statues in the hue room now charge 20,000 gold to dye anything.
  • Adjustments to Interior Decorator for use with yard wand items.
  • Fixed order on Wood keys for wood to be proper.
  • All 3 Whips are craftable with Tinkering. Repairable with Tinkering.
  • More Staff side functionality for Invasion System.

January 18, 2019

  • Fixes to Armor of Crafting. (all skills can now have them if we chose to add-in)
  • Farmers will now sell various seeds and saplings.
  • Adjustments to T maps for Faraan locations.
  • Adjustments to Moonstones and implementation to be on Faraan Monsters for later use.
  • Medium Bags Of Holding will now be Account Bound.
  • 2 New Quests added in. The Mage’s Apprentice To obtain Spellcaster Keys. The Vermin Eradication for new players only for earning some gold.
  • Added new Wyrms for Faraan Facet hoping to implement in shortly.
  • Added in new Tamable Wyrm Frozen Ice Wyrm.
  • Fix on mob Corpse deletion at champs to help reduce some lag.
  • New 1 Time Quest for Sash Of Endurance put into New Player Area. Anyone can do 1 time.
  • Added Hitpoints to Master of Arts to balance out. No extra str just Hitpoints.
  • Added Sphinx tamable to be put in the world later this weekend.
  • Added Faraan entrance to Customs on the teleporter. Cannot mark, Cannot Place Houses. Cannot Gate in or out. You can recall out. The area is quite desolate right now. Will post updates as broadcasts and in the changelog discord channel as areas get populated.

January 20, 2019

  • Taming Horses no longer make noise.
  • Robe of the Equinox can be worn by Gargoyles.
  • Faraan Results in double resources now. no longer Felucca.
  • Bugfix For Vendors in TC renewal.

January 21, 2019

  • VvV system turned off due to no PvP.
  • Blessed, Insured and Items with a level deed used on them Cannot be added into keys.
  • Power Hour Cloaks set to 1 hr decay time obtaining must be under 45 days.
  • Secret Gauntlet Minor Artifacts (not ones on Demon Lord) and Leviathan Artifacts added to the Artifact Exchange System.
  • Adjustment to Timers on Stealables.
  • Adding Zero Skill ball to Token Stone.

January 22, 2019

  • A tamed pet should no longer have enemy of one status.
  • Adjustment to Donation Box Items for New Players.
  • Fixed bug with Add from stock and Add from Backpack on tools.
  • Cleric Spellbooks can be made in Inscription.
  • Added Water tub to Tinkering for water Sprinklers.
  • Added Mobile Forge to tinkering.
  • Fix to PowerHour Cloaks timer. This is a test system and may be removed at any time.
  • Minor adjustment to Invasion System.
  • Behind Scenes additions for future use.

January 24, 2019

  • Hue Room Statues can now single click and select VIEW to open Preview target. The preview will last for 5 seconds. Does not work on Ethereal Mounts.
  • Added +10 levels to weapon Deed. ( adds 10 levels, the experience and the points for it also gives additional 5 spending points for each one used)
  • Various additions for upcoming Valentine’s quest.
  • Fix to Web Item for linking wiki pages to items.
  • Epaulette and Gargish Epaulette can now be crafted with blacksmithing.
  • Fixed Venus graphic error on throws.
  • Fixed Bug with Taming timer being set wrong on certain errors.
  • Fixes for bugs with Gargish gear in relayers. Should all work properly now.
  • Added function to rename the item in relayer deed.

January 27, 2019

  • Added [Band command to use a bandage and bring up a target.
  • Death Robes delete on removal.
  • Fixed Scroll Transcendence Books.
  • Transcendence books, Power Scroll Books and Taming Books can now all be priced and put on the vendor for purchase individual scrolls from the book.
  • Transcendence books craftable again in Inscription.
  • Fixed Sir/Dame, Lord/Lady, Overlord/Overlady titles to show properly now.
  • Leaving a house should send a warning if items are not locked down inside.
  • Added Artifacts for T maps in faraan specific level 6 and 7.
  • TEST – Repair deed now works properly within 10 tiles of skill needed NPC.
  • Can Now turn your vendors with the option in the vendor Gump with the Turn Vendor option.
  • Faraan reverted to Felucca map with tram rules. (Forgot to change back the last restart)
  • Added Death Cries. 50 percent chance on the death of a broadcast.
  • Added the Mondain’s Legacy, Ararat, Covetous, and Shadowguard artifacts to the Artifact exchange.

January 29, 2019

  • Tinker Tools from Tinker now go into tool keys.
  • Woodland belt can now be worn by humans.
  • House menu can be accessed from inside that house with ‘A House Sign’ menu on a single click to self.
  • Fixed Typos in new Transcendence book.
  • Added more functionality for staff for leveled items.
  • Begging, Forensic Evaluation, Item Identification, Spirit Speak, Hiding, Snooping TasteID, and ArmsLore can go to 120 skill with power scroll. Not implemented to have benefit yet. but can manually be raised.
  • Removed Economy Vendor System for potential gold exploitation.
  • Attempt fix for the message if not in the same house dropping an item for Gump.

January 30, 2019

  • Typos fixed for Valentines Quest Area.
  • Adjustment to Artifact Exchange System.
  • Fix Wrong drop rate for items in Valentines Activity area.

January 31, 2019

  • Valentines Adjustments.
  • Lockpick Trainer fix
  • House fix for friends and higher only seeing a warning of unlocked items.