2018 Changelog

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December 02, 2018

  • Fix to stop the crash from fishing.
  • Added House Security Gump.
  • Decoded and finished maps should no longer be blessed.
  • Logging out at a champion spawn will keep you there on login (fixes crashing and leaving).
  • Attempt to fix ShadowKnight sometimes unhiding to heal self.
  • Fixed [Claim to actually give more gold if more items are inside the corpse.
  • Adjustment to negative attribute deeds.

December 03, 2018

  • Updated more with [claim function.
  • Fixed Spell Channeling Deed.
  • Changes to Luck deed for the talisman.
  • Removed randomizing of Wood on trees.
  • Player Statue Maker put in for testing.
  • Added Blackrock to Metal keys.
  • Added copper, silver and gold scales.
  • Fixed bug in keys that allowed hides to be put in.
  • Started adding in items for Spectre Queen.
  • Added in Spectre Queen for initial testing.

December 04, 2018

  • Fixed crash with Wisp Orbs.
  • Adjustments to Circle of Thorns spell.
  • Adjustments to Enchanted Grove spell.
  • More Spectre Queen Stuff.
  • Fix for Miner’s Keys.

December 05, 2018

  • Fixed bug in the training room with trainers dying from attacking pets.
  • Updates on Player Statue Makers.
  • Changes to the Abyssal Infernal Champion.

December 08, 2018

  • Fixed spelling error in the Christmas quest.
  • Changed Christmas Quest map to trammel map.
  • Added 2nd Malas for future updates.
  • More updates for Christmas Quest rewards Added Talisman random reward.
  • Added in Spellbar for testing (only does the normal UO Spells right now).
  • Minor Change to Valor.
  • Shadow Knight changes should fix hiding.

December 09, 2018

  • Added in gargish versions of the Demon Armor (can be converted to them with tailor tool, but not back from gargish)
  • Added teleporter to the Valley of Eodon.
  • Removed flame strike ability from Secret Gauntlet Boss and replaced with Meteor Swarm.
  • Adjusted to new power scroll book more similar to Bod book style.
  • Changes to the Demon Lord.
  • Wings of Swiftness can be turned into Talons of Swiftness.
  • Added in More Artifacts for bosses before Demon Lord in Secret Gauntlet

December 13, 2018

  • Fix in runic keys for fletching tools to work proper
  • Fix for Bods targetting static items not crashing.
  • Fix for saying Check-in Town Center.
  • Adjustment in the key crafting menu.
  • Moved Magincia Teleporter to the road by vendor area.
  • Fixes to Secret Gauntlet to remove Freeze.
  • Changes to masters in Spectre Dungeon.
  • Terror Champ no longer on Randomizer for Champs.

December 14, 2018

  • Added in Soil Sampling Book to dig up soil samples from dirt with a shovel. Purchase from Miner NPCs.
  • Added Archaeologists Tools to Tool Keys and to Random Dungeon and Town Chests.
  • Added in Sifting Box recipe and added into Crafting. Recipe Obtainable in Spectre Queen Temporarily sometimes.
  • Added in Wash Plant Addon Machine and recipe. Recipe Obtainable in Spectre Queen Temporarily sometimes.
  • Added in Sluice Box Chest for catching items in a Wash Plant Machine. Can be Crafted in the Carpentry Menu.
  • Added in Machine Coal obtainable while mining gems with a shovel.
  • Added Machine Coal to the Miner’s Keys.
  • Adjustment to Reward table in the gauntlet.
  • Adjustment to look at multiple spawning end boss in Secret Gauntlet.
  • Added Peacock, Undead Tiger mounts to the game. (not placed yet).
  • Added Santa’s Hat, Elf Shoes to Xmas rewards.
  • Changed Krampus Look and mobs he summons.
  • Minor Changes for Tinkering.
  • Changes to Gauntlet Bosses and their drops.

December 21, 2018

  • Added 2 New Action figures to Toy Crafting.
  • Weapon Type Change Deed added. Will be on the stone after a little more testing.
  • Fixed House Animal Trainer to not show Claim Rewards.
  • Added Mallet and Chisel to tinkering.
  • Adjusted so Hatchets always show uses remaining and not only after first tree chop.
  • Assigned Hues to repair deeds to match Bulk Order Deed colors or their own color for new items.
  • Co-Owners can now customize houses. Gold fees go to the owner. Refunds go to the owner.
  • Successful provoking will now result in an overhead message.

December 25, 2018

  • Elven Robes no longer elves only.
  • Added Unlock Feature on locked down and secured items to just unlock without retrieving to backpack.
  • Added Artifact Exchange System. Still in the early Stages. Red Barrel in Town Center. Only accepts Paragon and Gauntlet Artifacts right now. Can only buy random of same for now.
  • Changes to Spectre Queen drop rates for recipes.
  • Added New Player Donation Box. is in the new player area. Can drop an item onto the box or can use [GiveItem to target item from backpack anywhere to send the item to box. Items can only be taken out by accounts under 30 days old.
  • Fixed typo on Machine Coal.
  • Few things changed on Mules.
  • Added new tameable dragon will be rare and placed later this week.
  • placing rideable Tarantula, Rainbow Horse, and Polar bear to the world in locations on lengthy spawn timers.
  • Added Beggars to the game.
  • Added new artifact obtainable killing Leviathan.