Grand Auctions

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Grand Auctions are staff-run auctions that are open for bidding by any player on the server.

Grand Auctions will take place on pre-determined Sundays right after the Daily Restart.

Auction Dates

Grand Auction - August 29th, 2021.

Auction Window

Upon an auction being up any player inside the upstairs of the Auction house will receive a Gump.

Auction Window

This auction window will show and update on new bids until the auction has ended.


In order to place a bid you will use a command [Bid <amount>.

You can bid in a few different forms, you can follow your bid price with k for thousand kk for million and m for million.

Examples below:

* [Bid 20000 = 20,000 Bid of currency type.

* [Bid 20k = 20,000 Bid of currency type.

* [Bid 20kk = 20,000,000 Bid of currency type.

* [Bid 20m = 20,000,000 Bid of currency type.

* [Bid 20 k = 20,000 Bid of currency type.

* [Bid 20 kk = 20,000,000 Bid of currency type.

* [Bid 20 m = 20,000,000 Bid of currency type.

The bid will automatically be placed as long as you have the gold in your bank or tokens in your ledger.

Winning an Auction

The auction will go until it runs 4 rounds of no successful rise in price (10 seconds each round). When the auction ends it will automatically charge the winner and place the item into their backpack.

If the auction does not have a winner it will restart. If a player moves the gold or tokens it will announce they have and restart.

NOTE: If staff feels you moved currency after bidding as a joke, or to raise someone's bid, or to reset the bidding, you will be removed from the auction for the remainder of the auction.

Past Auction Winners

August Grand Auction 2021

December Grand Auction 2021

April Grand Auction 2022

August Grand Auction 2022