Gold Panning

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Gold panning is a custom system based and expanded on a system created by Milva and Hammerhand of ServUO.

This system uses Item Identification skill

Panning Gold

To start gold panning you will need a Gold Pan A Gold Pan. You can obtain and gold pan through town and dungeon pickable chests.

Once you have your gold pan you can hurry out near water. Double-click the gold pan and target water. You will then start to pan for gold.

You have a chance of panning the following items.

Obtain From Panning Gold
Small Gold Flakes

Small Gold Flakes

Small Gold Nugget

Small Gold Nugget

Large Gold Nugget

Large Gold Nugget

Bonus Obtainable Items
Wash Plant Recipe

Wash Plant Reicpe

Unidentified Artifact

Unidentified Artifact

Once you have some flakes or nuggets you will need to cast them into Refined Gold Refined Gold.

To refine the gold you will need a Gold Bar Cast Gold Bar Cast and a Refining Forge Refining Forge. Both items can be created with tinkering.

Once you add the nuggets or flakes to the gold bar cast. you must lock down the refining forge, and lock down the gold bar cast on top of the forge. Double-click the cast to cast bars.

The yield is as follows:

Small Gold Flake = 1 Gold Level

Small Gold Nugget = 2 Gold Level

Large Gold Nugget = 4 Gold Level

The level to gold bar ratio is 10:1.

You can then sell the refined gold to minters and bankers.

The Wash Plant

Once you have a wash plant placed. You can double click it. You can here add a pitcher of water, Soil Samples, and some Machine coal. You will also need a Sluice book at the end of this in order to catch the spoils. Once that is set up and the machine has coal, water, and Samples. You can start it and come back later to see what has been caught from the samples.