Druid Spells

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On UO Eventine you too can be a druid! The Tome of Nature is available for 200ED.

Skill used: Animal Lore

The spells are as follows:

Spell Name Description
Shield of Earth A quick-growing wall of foliage springs up at the bidding of the Druid.
Hollow Reed Increases both Strength and Intelligence of the Druid.
Pack of Beast Summons a pack of beasts to fight for the Druid. Spell length increases with skill.
Spring of Life Creates a magical spring that heals the Druid and their party.
Grasping Roots Summons roots from the ground to entangle a single target.
Circle of Thorns Creates a ring of thorns, preventing the enemy from moving.
Swarm of Insects Summons a swarm of insects that bite and sting the Druid's enemies.
Volcanic Eruption A blast of molten lava bursts from the ground, hitting every enemy nearby.
Summon Treefellow Summons a powerful woodland spirit to fight for the Druid.
Deadly Sports The enemy is afflicted by poisonous spores.
Enchanted Grove Causes a grove of magical trees to grow, hiding the player for a short time.
Lure Stone Creates a magical stone that calls all nearby animals to it.
Hurricane Calls forth a violent hurricane that damages any enemies within range.
Mushroom Gateway A magical circle of mushrooms opens, allowing the Druid to step through it to another location.
Restorative Soil Saturates a patch of land with power, causing healing mud to seep through. This mud can restore the dead to life.
Summon Firefly Summons a tiny firefly to light the Druid's path. The Firefly is a weak creature with little to no combat ability.
Forest Kin Summons a chosen woodland spirit that will fight for and assist the Druid in different ways.
Bark Skin Turn's the Druid's skin to bark, increasing physical, poison, and energy resistances while reducing fire resistance.
Mana Spring Creates a magical spring that restores mana to the Druid and any nearby party members.
Hibernate Causes the target to fall asleep.