December Grand Auction 2021

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This grand auction ran on December 26th, 2021.

Here are the results.

Gold Removed: 865,650,000
Item Winner Price
Tent Stall Addon Deed Cornbread 5,000,000
Reindeer Pen Addon Deed Cornbread 6,000,000
Bloody Cleaver Change Deed Rantaz 15,000,000
Light Sparkle Addon Deed Viv Hexbreaker 4,000,000
+Happy Meal Action Figure Cormac 1,500,000
+Dream Action Figure Bake n Wake 800,000
+Jazz Action Figure Bake n Wake 800,000
+Gizmo Action Figure Sir Mix A Lot 1,500,000
+Dramoor Action Figure Bake n Wake 6,500,000
Housegate Change Deed Bake n Wake 3,400,000
Large Snow Globe Addon Deed Camillion 5,500,000
Hockey Rink Addon Deed Bulma 4,000,000
Eventinian Double Axe Cornbread 150,000,000
Peerless Body Trainer Deed Aerfall 10,000,000
Both Weapon Special Change Deed Rantaz 60,000,000
Tent Stall Addon Deed Zebulon Carter 20,000,000
Personal World TEleporter Moongate Deed Drazelle 5,000,000
+10 Levels to Weapon Deed Rantaz 25,000,000
Hook Weapon Change Deed Sir Mix A Lot 35,000,000
Docked Delivery Addon Deed Viv Hexbreaker 25,000,000
Christmas Gazebo Addon Deed Cornbread 8,000,000
+Jazz Disguise Kit Bake n Wake 1,200,000
+Dream Disguise Kit Drazelle 1,000,000
+Happy Meal Disguise Kit Cormac 1,250,000
+Gizmo Disguise Kit Drazelle 1,000,000
+Dramoor Disguise Kit Bake n Wake 3,200,000
Costume Item Margaery 100,000,000
Tent Stall Addon Deed Grimwar 16,000,000
+25 Levels to Weapon Deed Cornbread 160,000,000
Polar Express Train Addon Deed Edmond Dantes 40,000,000
T2A Lava House (Felucca) Jezebel 150,000,000

Tokens Removed: 48,925,000
Item Winner Price
Spooky Floor Tile Deed Bulma 2,200,000
Christmas Morning Add-on Deed Ellie 1,500,000
Invuln Dragon Spawner Contract Cornbread 7,000,000
Invuln Skeleton Spawner Contract Bulma 3,600,000
Invuln Lich Lord Spawner Contract Bake n Wake 3,000,000
Invuln Horse Spawner Contract Cornbread 1,000,000
Invuln Drake Spawner Contract Bake n Wake 15,750,000
Ethereal Dye Tub Bake n Wake 1,300,000
Pick Your Large Taming Bod Deed Drazelle 250,000
Pick Your Large Plant Bod Deed Cornbread 150,000
Display Wode Long Addon Deed Cornbread 3,000,000
Pick Your Small Taming Bod Deed Cornbread 100,000
Pick Your Small Plant Bod Deed Feyldyr'oth 275,000
Frozen Pond Addon Deed Cornbread 4,500,000
Large Sleigh Addon Deed Jezebel 800,000
Santa's Ship Addon Deed Margaery 4,500,000